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  5. "Vous cherchez votre chat ?"

"Vous cherchez votre chat ?"

Translation:You are looking for your cat?

April 6, 2018



Could somebody tell me why "You search for your cat" isn't okay please?


I've written "are you searching your cat?", what's wrong with it?


You arent searching inside your cat ;p, you are searching for it

[deactivated user]

    A casual, more common way to express this in American English might be "You looking for your cat?"

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    The French commonly use the "statement as question" form with a voice inflection at the end to show that it is a question. It only works in spoken French. In writing, it would be done differently:

    • Est-ce que vous cherchez votre chat ?
    • Cherchez-vous votre chat ?

    In English, the statement as question form is commonly used but it is very informal.


    I have written an English word order Are you looking for your cat? and it is wrong... how so?


    Is "search" and "look" not interchangeable?

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    No, "chercher" is "to look for". "Regarder" = to look (at).

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