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Werde: is it near or can it be far future?

Can 'werde' be used in a sentence like, "I will (do something) if you don't (do something)", or is it just "I will ___ now"?

April 6, 2018



can be anything. to make it clear you can add the time or day etc.


ich werde jetzt...- i will... now

ich werde morgen... -i will .... tomorrow.

ich werde in 5 minuten....- i will... in 5 minutes

ich werde um 16:00 Uhr- i will... at 4pm

ich werde in 10 Jahren....- i will.... in 10 years

ich werde nächsten Monat... - i will.... next month

ich werde irgendwann in der Zukunft... - i will ...sometime in the future

you can also say 'ich werde abgeholt' for 'someone will come pick me up' or ' i will be picked up by someone'.

so it does not necessarily mean you are going to do to something actively. 'werden' in german is used exactly the same way as 'will' in english.


Not native German, but I've always been told (and seen) that "werden" is the same as "will". To express immediacy, you should be able to add "gleich".

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