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"You speak with the teacher sometimes."

Translation:Tú hablas con la maestra a veces.

April 6, 2018



"Hablas con la maestra a veces." Rejected and reported Apr 06 2018.

"hablas con tu maestra a veces." Correct answer returned also reported Apr 06 2018.


Rejected Maestro


Wait a minute, don't you have to say 'you sometimes speak with the teacher'. The adverbs of frequencly have to come between the subject and the thing that the subject never/always/often/frequrntly/ever/etc. do. I am not a native english speaker and have english on school, my english teacher talks a whole lesdon about this rule, and than Duolingo comes and broke it!


I remember studying the theory of syntax and asking my professor why we never talked about adverbs. His reply was something along the lines of "I guess because there's no need. They can go anywhere."

Real life says otherwise. Probably that whole theory versus practice thing.

I now believe that, like other words, each adverb comes with its own set of rules and tendencies, but that the rules for similar words are often similar.

Most of the adverbs you list (never/always/often/frequently) are "adverbs of indefinite frequency".

As said in


"Adverbs of indefinite frequency mainly go in MID position in the sentence. They go before the main verb (except the main verb 'to be')[.]"

But, that same web page also says

"Occasionally, sometimes, often, frequently and usually can also go at the beginning or end of a sentence:"

Also, on that web page is a discussion of adverbs of definite frequency.

You also list the adverb "ever". That carries its own complications, described at



Correct answer given as "...su maestro.... The statement in English is "...the teacher...."


My male teacher translation got accepted Jun 21 2019.

"Tú hablas con el maestro a veces."


Actually, that second option '...con tu maestra...' would be - "You speak with your teacher sometimes". So should remain an incorrect response.

Edit: Oops. This was meant to be in reply to @Victorcarrera0


I used the word tiles to say "Tú habla a veces con la maestra." It was accepted as correct, with a statement that "Tú hablas con la maestra a veces" was another correct answer.

Isn't my answer, using "habla," in fact, incorrect?


It is an incorrect formality combination.

"Tú hablas" or "Usted habla" or "Ustedes hablan" are the correct formality and number combinations here.


Usted habla con el maestro a veces...nope.


Why is this incorrect?


Also correct el maestro


Holaaa hay alguienn españolll


How do I know that this teacher is a woman???


My answer should be correct.


Don't write useless comments like this one. This does not help anybody if you don't write what your answer was.


The teacher cant only be féminin


Why is "a" meaning "to" before"veces"sometimes?


Pues estará muy correcta gramaticalmente, pero nadie habla así.

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