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"You speak with the teacher sometimes."

Translation:Tú hablas con la maestra a veces.

5 months ago



Correct answer given as "...su maestro.... The statement in English is "...the teacher...."

1 month ago


"Hablas con la maestra a veces." Rejected and reported Apr 06 2018.

"hablas con tu maestra a veces." Correct answer returned also reported Apr 06 2018.

5 months ago


Actually, that second option '...con tu maestra...' would be - "You speak with your teacher sometimes". So should remain an incorrect response.

Edit: Oops. This was meant to be in reply to @Victorcarrera0

3 weeks ago


I used the word tiles to say "Tú habla a veces con la maestra." It was accepted as correct, with a statement that "Tú hablas con la maestra a veces" was another correct answer.

Isn't my answer, using "habla," in fact, incorrect?

3 weeks ago


It is and incorrect formality combination.

"Tú hablas" or "Usted habla" or "Ustedes hablan" are the correct formality and number combinations here.

3 weeks ago