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New version exercises have no speaking challenge anymore?

I'm used to having at least one speaking challenge in every exercise. With the new "Crowns" version it's gone. Doesn't SPEAKING the language matter any more? No option to reverse to previous version. No option to ignore "Crowns" version (Just a modal OK button) Bad choice Duolingo! Not pleased at all!

April 6, 2018



By the way, I'm using iPhone App IOS 11.3


Hello, It is true that the new version of the 'crowns' is a bit confusing: I have 36 crowns, but what are the crowns? and what is this for? Personally, I find this new mode "blah blah": the units are empty all the time, and the sentences are all the same.

We can no longer pass the unit tests, which is really a shame. Honestly, I preferred the other version which was much more practical.

Afterwards, there are still advantages: for example, you can choose if you want to select the word proposals or write the words in full. Good evening

PS: I am French, so I used Google Translate to write this commentary. I could never have written it alone!

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