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New "Crown Level" - how's it going?

I've just updated my Duolingo German to English to the "Crown Level" version. Have others done this? Is it a beta test version? How are you finding it? My 70% fluency rating has vanished, so don't know what's happening there. Anyway, thought I'd get the discussion started...

April 6, 2018



It's not going well. I don't get to choose which part of a module I want to revise. For reminding myself of a single word that I learned in the morning, I have to do an entire module in the night.

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good point


Where do I go to get an explanation of this new system? It just appeared, and I don't get it at all. I was at 71% fluency, level 25, and now I am having to re-do everything? What's up?


Yes, absolutely. It's not good, is it. See my response above.


I've been reading lots of discussions - good and bad, leading up to the switch. Now that I have the crown system I can decide for myself. So far, I'm terribly disappointed.

I loved the old system. That makes it hard to change. Many of the things I liked are now gone. It almost makes me laugh because a few days ago I was defending how great the site was to a new user. He/she likely had the crown version and my response would be different today.

What I value the most are people like YOU on the discussion board - asking and answering questions and keeping me motivated. I value the contributors to the lessons and the great moderators. I'm giving it a bit of time to see if I'm just reacting negatively to change.

[deactivated user]

    EL5tEL, maybe give it a couple weeks or so and then make a more informed opinion on the new system. Bad reactions to change is a thing and there's nothing wrong with that... some people have already posted the "I hated crowns at first but now I love it" thing.

    If Duolingo was a game (which in part can be considered so) I would say that they changed the rules but ultimately the knowledge you acquire is basically the same or even better.

    So, don't be discouraged... perhaps an adjustment period is all you need.

    And hey, the crap fluency meter is gone after all. :)


    I like it and dislike it. It definitely will need a "remember to practice this section" reminder on it. Kind of like how Golden skills would lose their gilding over time. Other than that, I like the crowns, but I think it's going to work better for those starting their trees than those who had already worked through them.

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