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My Tree has Changed?

My Duolingo tree has changed completely...titled French skills...Crown level and it's now all completely different from what I've previously been doing? I'd like to go back to where I was before the change so that I can finish the tree...I was getting quite close to it. Can anyone let me know what's happening?

April 6, 2018



The thing I do not understand: I was recently moved onto the beta new tree. I accepted the change and even supported the change on these forums. Now, only about a week later, I get another change. Change is not (necessarily) a bad thing, but too frequent change certainly is.


I am extremely frustrated! I had completed my tree, and all skills were gold. I had to take a break for a couple of weeks, thus I have spent the past week working to regild my tree. On Wednesday, after much effort, I managed to regild the entire tree, and now it looks like I have to start all over again. I t doesn't appear that you can test out of anything, either. I really don't want to go back and redo all of these easy lessons again, just when I was gaining proficiency. Does anyone understand what has happened?


Same thing, just recently regilded the whole tree too and now this. I don't want to be going through all those lessons again, I want to pick what I can practice. I think I'm done with this site at this point.

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Having had a major change last week I have been working hard to cope with the changes. Tonight I switch on only to find it has all changed again. Frustrated just doesn’t cover it and I am having to do really stupid basic stuff that I can’t even test out of. You really are messing with people’s heads.


You think that was bad...my tree has been all gold for weeks. Yesterday even the basics went red. Also two weeks ago my 377 day streak went even though I did not miss a day and had a protect streak in place. Well back to the basics!


For anybody who is wondering about the new Duolingo method, this is what happened to me. As you know from my earlier comment, the tree changed and set all my lessons back to 0 completed lessons. Yesterday, I went back and re-did some of the lessons. I completed one and got up to level 5. Today, the application set me back again to state that I was at level 2. It took up a lot of time to complete my trees only to have them turn from gold to a 0. This is entirely frustrating and not a good way to learn another language and in my case French. That's it. I'm not going to purchase it I am going to purchase from another company that I've found has a much better system and doesn't set you back to 0, 1, 2 whatever when you're working hard to learn something.


You know they did this to make you see more ads. Like you I started over again by testing out of each level only to have crowns show up. Now you can't test out of a level. The only exploitation is the ads. Like you I'm also switching.


This should explain everything.


Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I now understand what's happening and should have already known about it.

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