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"Can you send a taxi?"

Translation:Kunt u een taxi sturen?

5 months ago


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Can anyone explain the difference between the various "to send" verbs we got this skill? zenden vs verzenden vs sturen?

5 months ago


'Verzenden' is usually used for parcels etc, most of the time without specifying where to. E.g. "ik verzend het pakket". 'Zenden' and 'sturen' are pretty much used interchangeably for letters/persons/services etc and sentences with those will often have an indirect object/direction: "ik stuur jou deze brief" (but also 'hij zendt een reparateur", implying the context provides the direction/destination).

In general, a way to think about it is 'verzenden' emphasizes "sending something away from its origin" and 'zenden' and 'sturen' emphasize "sending something towards its recipient/destination".

5 months ago


Why is "verzenden" not accepted?

I have heard 2 explanations of the nuances behind "verzenden" as opposed to "sturen" or "zenden". One is that it relates to larger items, the other that it emphasises sending away from origin (where the other 2 emphasise receipt at destination).

I would have thought that both these conditions apply here making "verzenden" more appropriate - unless I have been misinformed or have misunderstood!

1 month ago