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New crown update has deleted almost all of my progress?!

Hi! I just updated to the new crown system. However all of my levels progress has been deleted. For instance each level is back to 0/10 completed when before they were all gold completed. I click on each step and i have to go through the whole begginers process again?! So disappointed with this. Is this the same for everybody else? Forgive me if im wrong but i feel i shouldnt have to be put through the entire thing again from scratch?! I do enjoy the app but going again from the verrrry start is going to be tedious!

April 6, 2018



Each of your skills is at 0/10 lessons because there was no skill level system before, but you should automatically have 1 to 3 crown levels in the skills you finished before the update. There is more to do for every skill because this update includes new lessons for each skill that are more advanced.

I agree that some of the lessons seem a little too easy. Maybe the developers could have made it a little better, but the easy lessons don't take long to get through and that spaced repetition is vital to learning a language.

You can read more about the changes here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26739837


I agree that spaced repetition is vital to learning a language, but the changes announcement seems to say that they have de-emphasized the importance of spaced repetition in this update and they are aware that is is a serious problem?


They got rid of skill decay, which was a big part of how they encouraged spaced repetition, to make the system less confusing. I suppose they have ideas they are testing now to better encourage spaced repetition again, but in a way that's less confusing and gives us more options for how we want to learn.


Stick with it! have completed the tree several times, but duolingo could only go so far in teaching you the language. Think of the crowns as giving you the ability to go more in depth instead of just up and down the tree.

Even though I had all my skills gold in the previous version and my “fluency” score at 60%, the new update only gave me two crowns in each category. This is good! It means there are three new levels of entirely new content.

It is hard on the eyes to have it look like your progress disappeared but I am a big fan of this update and I think it’s great for serious learners!


As I go deeper into the crown levels, it is basically giving me more and more exercises on the same few vocabulary words that I mastered months ago. How can I access the added depth? I have already gone to 5 on some skills and the diversity of exercises is much less than it used to be, not more. Are there levels past 5 that I am missing somehow?


I’m not sure, but I’m planning on getting all my crowns to Level 3, then repeating the tree to get them all to level 4, etc. I fully anticipate level 4 and 5 courses to be much more in depth than duolingo previously offered which I think is the whole point.


Agreed. I can't find a test out button that would make the process go faster so we can work at speed to get back where we were. The basics are just too basic when one has progressed through the levels ... OH dear, not giving up though.


In the Crowns FAQ, karint says this about your 'losing progress':

Don’t worry, you really didn’t. It may be surprising to find skills that were once gold are now colorful again, but all your lessons that were “completed” before are still completed. We also still track your strength for each word just like we used to.

We went one step further and actually used how many times you’ve seen the words in a skill and how many times you got those words right to determine whether to place you at Level 1, 2, or 3. Since levels get harder as you go up, we didn’t feel comfortable placing anyone at Level 4 or 5, since the old system didn’t give hard enough exercises to place into these levels. Of course, if you already know the language very well, this may not be the right level. But, it is still more challenging than what was offered before.

Hope this helps.

Best of luck in your language-learning endeavours!


Although the levels and gold are motivators surely that is not the reason we're here ? After starting out pretty apprehensive I now see the value in the new. I'll try to get my tree to all have one crown, then two, then three etc. I do have mostly ones and twos and a couple of threes to start. Change is upsetting but persevere please. It's fun and free !!


I know, when I saw it I nearly freaked out haha. But your progress isn't really deleted. In fact, if you see a crown on your level then it means you have completed that level. All that happened is that completed levels are now represented by crowns and the amount of crowns you have on that level shows how much you have practiced. For example, there are certain levels on my trees that has more crowns than other sections, due to the amount of time I may revisit a particular level. Some of my levels have 2 crowns while others have 3 crowns. I have a level in Spanish that I have yet to complete and that level has no crown. So don't worry your progress isn't deleted. Your progress is simply represent in another way.

I'd also like to add that the practice button doesn't have any affect on the crown. Only if you directly revisited that level.


OK what about this then. I am level 25 in Spanish from English and have over 449,000 XP. I have been "upgraded" to only 81 crowns and out of the first basic 56 skills I only have a total of 11 crowns. The rest of my crowns have been awarded in the more difficult skills further along the tree. This makes no sense. The more difficult skills are supposed to be there to reinforce the earlier basic skills. If they are strong the less difficult skills should also be strong and have crowns.


Actually this was something I've been noticing, even before I was switched over to crowns. I remember my basic level losing it's Gold and when I was doing the advance stuff that pretty much drew on every single thing I learned in the basic levels, there was no budge at all in improvement. It didn't switch back to gold. I had to directly redo those questions from that level. So you're right, it does seem silly.

By the way congrats on your 1465 winning streaks.

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