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"Your mother-in-law is your husband's mother."

Translation:Ta belle-mère est la mère de ton mari.

April 6, 2018



Why not indeed? An answer should be forthcoming from someone!


I said "Ta belle-mère est la mère de ton épouse" and it suppose it as a wrong answer! Acctually, i can not pass this one!!


Épouse is the feminine word, so that wouldn't be correct. Époux would be correct, although mari is the most colloquial translation.


Difference between Ta and Ton? Both are used in this sentence..


Are the hyphens optional or not? I answered a previous question and left out the hyphen and was told I had a typo. The word bank questions seem to give a correct answer whether the hyphen is there or not and in this instance, although the correct answer shows a hyphen, there was no hyphenated word to choose.


Is there any way the pink answer box could be moveable so I can see what I wrote? Sometimes I want to compare the two.


many of the words are missing from my screen. Are the words being blocked in the bottom row?


"est" did not appear as an option on my screen, it was missing


"mari" was a word listed as an option, it was missing


"Ta" was not listed as an option on my screen

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