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Is irony the work that I am searching for?

Oh little green owl,

I have been enjoying the fact that I don't (didn't) have the crown system yet. I have been trying to get my new tree regilded and just said to myself, "I hope that I can get everything gold before I get the crowns." and boom! as soon as I finished that, the crowns appeared.

I still haven't even attempted the fourth batch of French stories.

Here's to keeping me on my toes as I work to become fluent in French.

Bonne continuation!


April 6, 2018



It just turned up uninvited of a Friday evening here. It seems to think we need to practise word ordering in our own language rather than the target language. There are no words...

But on the upside, Jolynne's here! And apparently I have 90 Louis d'or. Schoenes Wochenende!

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