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The new tree system!

This is going to be fun. Keeping a gold tree under the old system was fairly easy.

This seems to have multiple levels on all items in the tree. I’m starting with all level 2 and 3’s. How many levels are there for each item? Any recommended strategies ( boost all to level 3 than up from there level by level, or just start at the beginning and keeps bringing away at each until it maxes. )

Suggestions from moderators or Duo incubator people sought.

Thanks, this adds new excitement!

April 6, 2018



I do not understand this new system. I had finished the tree and have been systematically reviewing (going through the tree again to keep it gold). Now I do not know the best way to proceed. Any articles available to explain? Thank you.


there are 5 levels for each skill. for strategy i am making my whole tree level 1 and then going to start at the top and work my way down making everything gold.


How can you make it level 1? On my app it is all auto reset to where I was ages ago level 3 on most. Is there a way to downgrade it. I have been away for ages so I really need to start from level 1 on many skills.


Yes from settings, but I think you have to add another language, resets the one that you intend to study, and delete the new one.


So you can not go down a level on a single skill you can only reset yes? That is a shame I miss the old system where you could do that.


I also just noticed the 64% fluency is replaced with 179 crowns. Ok, I know the rate ment next to nothing, but I fussed every time it dropped to 63. A quick count 61 activities, 5 levels , so 305 crowns possible! A new goal! Hehe.


I only had to do a few skills to bring all of them to level 3, and now I'm working on level 4, but it is really ridiculously repetitive and too easy. I wish there was some way to be moved up to the next level on all the skills, without having to go through weeks and weeks of "un niño, las mujeres, el hombre, el pollo, la fresa...." etc., etc. My Spanish is at an intermediate level, and I have plenty left to learn, but these exercises are too basic, and really a waste of study time.


I was really hoping with this new system that as the levels on each skill went up they would add new challenges. Completing a whole skill before moving on to the next could drive me insane, I know repetition is good but damn, no mas manzanas!


My plan is to study for 6 days, and the 7th day will be "only" for review. I don't know if this is a good one, but I think it will keep my memory refreshed since I am going through the same process weekly.


How do you study? I just keep going through the exercises, occasionally look at the explanation-discussions, do tiny cards for about z5 minutes each day. A couple of times a week, I work through a story (fun!)


Max Level 5, at which point the timed practice unlocks for that skill. My current strategy, max each skill, starting from the bottom and working my way up. Level 4/5 at the bottom of the tree offers some delightfully difficult lessons - long sentences, complicated grammar, and quite rapid listening exercises.

My hope is that by the time I get to the simple skills, I'll be so close to fully gilded, I will have the end in sight that I'll be motivated to polish off the final few skills.

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