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crown levels: a horrible invention

today i noticed that duolingo has introduced crown levels:( a horrible invention

highly demotivating!!! you have no overview about the modules you completed

please, change back to the 'gold' system

April 6, 2018



I am very disappointed and discouraged by crown levels. With the first update, I lost some levels and had to through them another time. And now, again and again. For Unit 1, it means "48 times" rehearsing the same basic words "a man" for example. It looks like a bad joke. Moreover, it is not possible anymore to have an overview of the unit (very useful to learn vocabulary, or to check a word we learnt) and to skip a lesson. I really don't like this new version. I just have the impression I make no progress and that I will need a hundred years to make some. Just discouraging.


I liked the strengthening system much better than the new system :(


I, for one, like the new system but I can certainly see the point of view of those of you who do not like it, especially if you happen to have a facility for learning languages. However, sadly there are those of us who are struggling and the new system forces us to not just glide over the information, but to really commit it to our memories, such as they are. I think that Duolingo should also offer the 'gold' system so that those people who prefer it can continue to benefit from the site. As Duolingo already has the program, it shouldn't be that difficult to do both, and in that way, we all can have a method that suits our level and needs.

I would like to make an addendum to my original note. After having used the new system for two days, I have to say that it is rather boring. I know, from my past experience, that behind those basic icons there are many different exercises. I don't understand why they are repeating the same extremely basic phrases over and over. As you work your way through to level 5, I believe that the phrases should be more and more difficult. I'm not learning as much as I did with the old system. Too bad.


Duolingo crown levels are very demotivating plus all my heard work has been deleted I am not happy and prefer the old system.


I am very unhappy and demotivated by this new update of duolingo. First of all, we received two major updates in 2-3 weeks where all our golden modules were cancelled. These are too close! I appreciated the first update and tried to regain my golden modules with a great effort. And as soon as I reached my previous state, i.e., 60% of the total modules, and was ready to proceed with the new modules, the crown update came and cancelled my golden modules once again!
One wonders what new things are introduced? That's another disappointment: 1) I need to repeat even the basics 4 times more to be golden again. If only i was so stupid! I find this insulting. 2) Besides it does not reflect my correct level in French. If I am not golden in the basics, why let me climb higher? So I question the validity of Duolingo assessment. I feel lost.


When I started French, I should have taken a test first but didn't. I actually know a lot of French, so being at basic levels is way too easy and boring. How can I take a placement test?


I'm not sure if this will work (especially with the new crown system) but it's a suggestion. You can erase your progress/language and start it again, perhaps?


Worth a try. Thanks!


Now I see what people were complaining about. This crown system is very bad,


I AGREE!!!! It was so easy just to strengthen the topics if you were rusty and needed some revision - now you have to start all over again! Please bring back the gold/strengthening system!


You can still do this via the "practice/barbel" button.


'You can still do this via the "strengthen skills" button.'

I don't have 'strengthen skills' button (Web version). That's possibly because all my learning history was deleted. So unfortunately can cannot do this via 'strengthen skills' button, unless you go again through all the lessons which were deleted


Sorry, they changed the name post-Crowns change: it's now a blue button just below your daily goal window on the right: it has a barbel and "Practice" in white letters.


thanks, I might try it one day, though no rush on that as I'm still in the earlier part of the tree.


And what do people mean by a tree?


A 'tree" is the entirety of a Duolingo language course. For example: The Duolingo Irish tree starts with "Basics 1", and ends with "Business".


I know. The new system destroys everything of my progress. I had a 29 day streak, and on the day I updated it, my streak went to 0! And everything was so stupid, unusual, and dumb! PLease, revert to gold.


I support the development in general. What I meed back is the selection of lessons. I have to repead the lessons quite often to remember and this possipility is lost. I would appreciate a update.


I, too, need to to be able to repeat lessons.


yes! bring back the gold system, it was so much better than this new crown system.(the crown system is the worst) i have been doing duo for 2 1/2 years, i do not, i repeat, do NOT like the crown system


As you can read in the negative comments above/below, folks are trying to find strategies for working around this new system. I can't believe that is what Duolingo would want, and I certainly can't believe that repeating beginning levels of language (The chocolate cream boils.) incessantly (48 times) helps anyone learn the language.

The crown system is a clear case of programmers wanting to programme driving the interface design and thus experience of the learner. Bass-ackwards, if you ask me.


You don't HAVE to repeat anything if you don't want. Are people this dumb or does everyone on this site have OCD? You only have to get to crown 1 to move onto the next module for god sakes people.


We do want to repeat the modules for practice; but with new set of exercises, if it will be called crown 2. Repetition of more-or-less the same set of exercises is not an update in this app. Could it be that you are not enough to see this?


I was just getting to a solid gold tree, then these useless crowns came with no way out. I've just given up on Duolingo.


Crown level is so annoying


As this discussion is still attracting interest of new people adding comment to this issue, I would like to point out another recently been posted an article that may interest people regarding [Our Crown Levels blog post is live!]https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27967582).

Wishing everyone all the best with their language learning.


There was a time when I had a lot of lessons complete for French, and all gold at that. I stopped playing for a while and now, with the crown system, so many of the lessons I did are level 0, 1, and 2. I have to take 5 tests of each lesson just to get them back to crown level 5, and all the tests are super repetitive. In the past, it would not have taken this many practices to get the lessons back to the highest gold level. It's very dissatisfying to see all the lessons at such low levels, but it would take so long to get them all to level 5 and it wouldn't even be fun nor would I learn anything because I actually know a good amount of French already from outside of Duolingo.

Please either make an easier way to level up lessons or allow users to switch back to the old system.

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