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Which are your favourite TV Shows/Movies/ Music in French?

I started studying recently and would like to learn more about the french culture and language through tv shows, movies and/or music. What would you recommend? Thanks!

April 6, 2018



TinTin! You can find them on YouTube fairly easily if you search "les aventures de tintin". They are made so they are entertaining even if you don't understand French, but since you are learning you will pick out words and pronunciations. I am happy if I understand 10 words for every 20 minutes. As far as music I am sure few people share my taste, but I like French Jazz from the '20s and '30s. Emile Vacher, Georgel, Fréhel, Alibert, and Mistinguett are some of my favorite singers. If you can't find them and are interested I could give you some links.


The TinTin adventures on YouTube are fabulous!!


Thank you, im very excited to start watching it!


miraculous ladybug is a cute little show that runs around these 2 teenagers that live in paris and go to school together but they are also superheros that work together to save paris but as super heros they dont know each others identities. i dont think i explained that very well but the show is on youtube if you look it up, you can find it in english or french or even spanish.


I think i've seen lady bug merchandise around, i'll start watching it!


i also like watching house hunters international french.


There's a really goofy beginners French show produced by Channel 4 in the UK called Extra French. It's a sitcom in easy French and it's really silly. I don't know that it's good for understanding culture, but it's fun to watch because it's really silly and easy to follow.


You can also just look for French shows on Netflix just by searching the keyword French. That way you can pull up all of the French TV shows and movies. I find these harder to follow but sometimes I watch them in French with the French closed captions turned on. I really like cop show Engrengages (the English title is Spiral). There's also a tv series called Call My Agent (French title Dix Pour Cent) about a talent agency. I think there are a lot of appearances by well-known French performers.


Thanks for all the ideas!


I heard that there are some good French movies/short films on Netflix (although without French subtitles), although my info could be seriously wrong, not having looked into the matter to see for myself.

Have you tried Netflix?


I'll check! Thanks for the idea!


If you change your language settings (on your apple TV or whatever you use to stream) to French then you unlock the french dialogue versions of many TV shows such as Sense 8, Altered Carbon etc. French TV shows that have been dubbed into English (such as Marseilles) can then by watched in their native French without subtitles.


Music: cœur du pirate. show: Ladybug et chat noir. movie: Amelie


Ah, yes! Ladybug et Chat Noir is wonderful for beginners in French. I have watched both seasons.


Sounds perfect for me :)


I've just started watching Télématin on TV5. It's a weekday morning talk show out of Paris. Very entertaining and everyone speaks perfect French. I record it so I can rewind when necessary.


Very interesting! Thank you!


Marseille and La mante on netflix . Yabla is a good inexpensive platform with lots of video content worth at least a trial.


Nice!! Thank you!

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