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Should I delete my reverse tree?

I started doing the ENG-FR tree about a week ago out of boredom and with the hope of doing more target language writing. But with the advent of crowns, it seems pointless to also keep the reverse tree going. Anyone have thoughts on this?

April 6, 2018



I think you can just keep your reverse tree, gain some experience with the new system (four weeks perhaps), and then decide.

I'm keeping my laddering trees (which are reverse trees from French) because I think that the courses are always a little different. And the more different material I have to deal with, the better for my learning.


Excuse me to barge in but what is "reverse tree"? I see people talking about it here and there and I'm very curious what it is.


I’ll go first and say that I like the Crowns better than the old system. And yeah it would be so cool to do reverse tree if we were able to type the answers in the target language.

It’s just not only that. After going through the regular, forward tree, you have mastered the basics quite a bit, then doing the reverse tree you find yourself grinding those super easy “I eat apple" questions again before getting any challenge out of the reverse tree.

Hopefully they’ll find a good solution to this.

1) A Crown Level test? To get to the challenging exercices (away from the "He is a boy" translations)

2) An option to choose between the writing languages (I want to type in X or Y language)

What do you think?


I did as well, but now I can remove it.

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