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We want Bonus Skills for the Russian course!

It'd be great to have Bonus Skills (idioms, flirting, street language...) in the Russian course...!

April 6, 2018



Does POCKOCMOC use a lot of street language? And flirting? ;)


I think the biggest hold-up here is technical (i.e. has nothing to do with the Russian course specifically).

The system for bonus skills seems to only work for the orignal languages (which are built on separate software). Ukrainian and Turkish had some bonus skills for a while, but they have disappeared. And I saw a global mod say the fact those skills were ever released was actually an unexpected bug.


That is true. Our first bonus skill (extended "Animals" section) was completed before the release of the course, and we even started the second one (Maths) but stopped once it became clear they will not get released anytime soon.

I am still not sure how one can ship a bonus skill. However, sketching them out proved moderately useful. The biggest problem you face during the course development is that you are in a world of trouble if you need to remove words from a few skills and take them somewhere else.


Yes. We actually have a bonus skill complete, but apparently no way to activate it. As Shady_arc wrote some months back: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24995755


Is it possible to add to the tree then, if bonus skills aren't directly available through the software? Make us some more lessons?


Adding skills to a tree after it's been released seems somewhat problematic, if it's even possible - I have limited incubator powers so I can't say definitely if it is. A new tree may happen at some point, but if so that will be a ways down the road, as in years rather than months.

As it is, the Russian tree is one of the longer ones out there and has skills like History and Science which you could consider as free bonus skills.


Oh, @#% ! It's true that my Ukrainian Bonus Skills have disappeared! What is happening???


To me that also happened when it changed to Crown mode :(


the RU team may have missed the announcement or did not consider it prudent to discuss in their forums (in which case let them delete my comment without hesitation): bonuses are "retired" for non-in-house courses "for the time being".

we czechs take that to mean "dead for good" and have been planning our extra material as integrated bonus-like skills ever since.


Очень хотим!


I agree the Russian Language on Duolingo needs more support than it has been getting


I agree, some more skills would be nice!


please add these!! They are hilarious


please add flirting for all the languages. I've learned Spanish on Duolingo and now I'm learning Portuguese. Whenever my Brazilian girlfriend is in a bad mood I read a couple of the flirts from the app and she cracks up. Mind you, you should not EVER say most of these things to a stranger.

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