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"Les petits enfants chantent, c'est touchant."

Translation:The little children are singing, it is touching.

April 6, 2018



I have a question about the punctuation in this sentence. We often see a comma used in DL French, where it would not be used in English. In this case, there would be (1) two sentences in English separated by a period, (2) the word "and" inserted after the comma, or (3) possibly two phrases separated by a semi-colon. Would formal French writing really use just a comma?


Why not The little children are singing...? This was marked wrong. Am I missing something here?

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It's perfectly fine and sounds more natural in English to use Present Continuous here. If it was marked wrong, there was another mistake.


I am wondering why it is not touchants, in the plural?


It's in the singular because you're not referring directly to the little children, but rather to their singing, which is singular. Maybe it'll help if you think about the English translation: "The little children sing, it is touching."


So the adjective does not agree with the subject noun, but rather the verb here? Is that what you are saying?


The adjective "touchant" modifies "it". Maybe thinking of it like this helps. "Les enfants chantent. La situation est touchant."


Predicative adjectives are "c'est" are always singular masculine.



What's going on with this comma? Is this how you write in French?


My question too. In English the comma is a comma splice.


Sometimes i think that duo simply kidding us. Its goal is to complicate our lives

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