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"We cannot sleep because of the noise."

Translation:No podemos dormir por el ruido.

March 22, 2013



why does "porque el ruido" not work? or should it be "porque del ruido" then?


"porque el ruido" doesn't work because it would translate to "we can't sleep because - the noise".. which doesn't mean anything. And "porque de" doesn't exist, the translation for "because of" is "debido a".

"Ella se mojó debido a la lluvia" she got wet because of the rain. Hope this helps.


Interesting. I'd not heard that before


As trentry said an alternate translation for "because of" is "debido a". I believe another translation for it would be "a causa de". The reason why porque can't be used here is because a verb needs to go after it to make sense (e.g. No podemos dormir porque hay mucho ruido"). But you could simply use "Por" because one of the reasons to use "por" can be to express a cause/to mean "because of". Here's a link that has reasons to use por and para: http://spanish.about.com/cs/grammar/a/porpara.htm


Why not por causa del ruido?


Hm. I don't know, "por/debido a/por causa de/a causa de" all mean "because of", report it. http://www.wordreference.com/es/translation.asp?tranword=because%20of


Quick q, when would you use debio a ?


I believe it's interchangeable here, you can use either.


I thought you could use debido a in this context?


What is wrong with "No podemos dormir porque hay ruido"?


Because that would translate to "we can't sleep because there is noise", rather than "we can't sleep because of the noise.


Why did duo mark me wrong for "no podemos dormir por el ruida," and suggested instead, "no podemos dormir por el bulla"? This makes no sence since my version appeared verbatim from duo in another question.


The reason why it marked you wrong might've been because it's "el ruido", not "el ruida". I don't know why they suggested an entirely different word however instead of just correcting the "a" to an "o".


The correct word would be el ruido I think..


I hate doing this because the hints the dictionary hovers is incorrect!

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