"Which one is it?"

Translation:Laquelle est-ce ?

April 6, 2018

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To clarify, est-ce vs est-il, please???


Ce is a thing and il is someone


Ce is unspecified, unknown or something/somebody new in the context C'est qui?. Il / elle can be something or somebody but it is already something you know of: Où est mon manteau? Oh, il est là!


how can I know if it is male or female?

[deactivated user]

    Both Lequel est-ce? (male) and Laquelle est-ce? (female) are accepted as correct answers.

    Note: If you have a typo in your answer, DuoLingo will guess which one you were trying to type (Lequel or Laquelle) and suggest a correction based on that guess. Sometimes DuoLingo makes a wrong guess, and this can lead to some (in my opinion, uneccissary) confusion.

    For Example: In the beginning, I typed Laquelle with a typo and Duo suggested the correct answer was Lequel. This led me (wrongly) to believe Laquelle is wrong when in fact it is perfectly fine (I just had a typo). I guess that Duo thought I was trying to type Lequel and suggested a correction accordingly.


    How do I know whether to use laquelle, lesquelle, or lequelle?


    Could it also be lequel est-ce?


    That is one of the possible answers. "C'est lequel ?" is another one.


    Isn't this translated as "which one is this"


    I write ca but it said it was correct but corrected to ce. Does that mean ca is okay?

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