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What's going on out here? I cannot understand the new format.

What's going on out there? I cannot understand the new format. Does it mean that I have lost all my qualifications? I completed all topics and now it shows me that I have almost no level and have completed nothing :(

April 6, 2018



It's a new system that Duo is rolling out to users after A/B testing. It's called crown levels. Learn more about them in the discussion Crowns FAQ which can be found here


Heavens no! You have lost nothing. Each skill set now has more levels and you practice them by doing the lessons over. Just do each one once and go down the tree when you get to the bottom start at the top again. Over time the lessons will change to a harder level. If you have level 3, it may take 9x to get to level 4. Around the skill set is a ring that gradually gets golden until you get to the next level. The light bulb is the button for the Tips and Notes.


I don't like it either, the crown method. However, I do like the side effect of added new words for strengthening.

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