"Lemons and bananas are fruit."

Translation:Les citrons et les bananes sont des fruits.

April 6, 2018

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Why is it les not des?


Des = Some. When talking about things that are always a true fact, use Les.


I think its because all lemons and bananas are fruits not some. "Des" is some


Why no "s" on fruit. This is the only thing I got wrong. What is the rule?


Fruit can be both singular and plural in English. I have a piece of fruit (singular). I like fruit (plural) In French le fruit is singular, les fruits is plural.


The definite article can be used before the subject of a sentence to state general truths about it. This is a general truth about lemons and bananas, but this rule can only apply to subjects, so only lemons and bananas takes a definite article here.


My bad. I was the one who forgot the "s" on fruits.


I had «Les citrons et les bananes ...», and then I looked at DuoLingo's suggestion, which had «Des citrons ...». I was a sucker and believed DL would be right, and changed my correct response. I should know better than to trust DL by now. What incentive could they possibly have for trying to mislead the student? :-(

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