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crown feature in app please!?

i have been using duolingo for about five months. i use the app for practice 99% of the time. i am using a kindle fire and i have always found practice on the site does not display very well and the sound and microphone features almost always stop working. i have tried using silk browser and firefox. i had these issues with the site before the crown feature and discovered i am still running into the same problems today after the site switched over to crowns. long-winded introduction to my primary concern which is that i do not know how to access/initiate the crown feature on the app or whether it will automatically switch at some point. i tried closing and reopening the app as well as adding a new language (irish) just to see if it would include the crown feature. before crowns were introduced to me on the site today, i was at level 21 german and level 19 spanish and had completed both trees.

i want crowns in the app because the site display and errors make practice too inefficient and frustrating!

i use the site to check things like XP, levels, weekly progress, and access features like stories and discussions. and also to check on updates regarding certain languages and features that are still in progress such as hindi.

April 7, 2018


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