"We had to take pictures of our baby."

Translation:Wir mussten Fotos von unserem Baby machen.

April 7, 2018


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Why do Duo lead you into a trap by putting "Bilder" into the multiple choice options (all other words in the sentence were identical). Clearly anyone can work out that Fotos = photos, but the English sentence says "pictures" and therefore the obvious choice for a beginner is "Bilder" rather than "Fotos". Nope. I guess Germans don't use Bilder in this context so thanks Duo... I guess this is one you learn by getting it wrong..?

August 31, 2018


Is there a particular reason why Wir mussten Fotos unseres Babys machen is not accepted?

September 14, 2018

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What is the difference with: Wir mussten Fotos machen von unserem Baby ? Duo should accept this answer.

October 2, 2018


The auxiliary verb needs to be in the final position. Also, you shouldn't split the prepositional phrase "von . . . [etwas]" from it's object, Fotos.

November 13, 2018
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