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"We had to take pictures of our baby."

Translation:Wir mussten Fotos von unserem Baby machen.

April 7, 2018



Is there a particular reason why Wir mussten Fotos unseres Babys machen is not accepted?


I think you can't use Genitiv here because the Fotos does not belong to the Baby.


Surely the commercial rights do unless the baby signed a model release.


In english "We had to take our Baby's photos" means basically the same thing as "We had to take photos of our Baby". Is that not case in German?

I get that it very well could be, I'm just not sure if "Wir mussten Fotos unseres Babys machen" just isn't something you would say, or if duolingo is just missing a translation.


"wir mussten Fotos unseres Babys" does not make any sense, because the verb for the main action is missing. Like saying "We had to photos of our baby" in English.
It is "Wir mussten Fotos von unserem Baby machen".
And, no, you can't replace that by something like "Fotos unseres Babys" in German.


Can we say “wir haben Fotos von unserem Baby gemacht“?? Or is it not posible??


This is a correct German sentence, but not a translation of the given one. "Wir haben gemacht" is "Perfekt", a tense that denotes the past. So that would be "We took" or "We have taken".

"We had to take" expresses an obligation to do something ("we have to" is the same as "we must"). The correct translation is "Wir mussten machen".


So, that would be: Wir mussten Fotos von unserem Baby machen


Why not "mussten ... fotografieren". My answer was marked wrong.


What was your complete answer? "Wir mussten unser Baby fotografieren" is one of the accepted answers.


Why do Duo lead you into a trap by putting "Bilder" into the multiple choice options (all other words in the sentence were identical). Clearly anyone can work out that Fotos = photos, but the English sentence says "pictures" and therefore the obvious choice for a beginner is "Bilder" rather than "Fotos". Nope. I guess Germans don't use Bilder in this context so thanks Duo... I guess this is one you learn by getting it wrong..?


What is the difference with: Wir mussten Fotos machen von unserem Baby ? Duo should accept this answer.


The auxiliary verb needs to be in the final position. Also, you shouldn't split the prepositional phrase "von . . . [etwas]" from it's object, Fotos.


What is wrong with "Wir mussten Fotos unsers Babys machen?"


should be "unseres Babys". This is not really wrong, but would be unusual to say.
The complete expression is "to take pictures of *so." (so. = "someone") and "Bilder von jdm. machen" (jdm = "jemandem", dative).

"Wir mussten Bilder unseres Babys machen" would be "We had to produce pictures of our baby".


I guess that you don't use "nehmen Fotos" in this case. Something to remember.


You are right. German does not use the word "nehmen" in this context. Nobody would even understand it, Germans would think you mean to take the photos away.


fehrerdef, thank you so much for your comment. Every culture and language has their own nuances that only a native speaker can explain. In Spanish, it's like English, take a picture (tomar una foto) not make a picture (hacer una foto)


If you have to take your baby's pictures somewhere (like for a school registration) then you would uae genetive and you would say nehmen, not machen. This is an ambiguous sentence in English and has separate translations with separate meanings


It's not really ambiguous English when using "taking" to express the sense of transporting. Then there would normally be a location described, e.g. "We are taking the pictures to school." This would be expressed auf Deutsch as "Wir bringen die Bilder zur Schule."

Using nehmen would be something more along the lines of "Wir nehmen die Bilder für uns," ("We take the pictures for ourselves.") or "Wir nehmen das Essen weil wir Hunger haben." ("We take the food because we are hungry.") Then, yes, "We take the pictures" could mean either "receive, accept, seize" or "create" (the sense used here).

Der Genitiv is not necessary for either nehmen oder machen (noch bringen).


What is the rule that puts Fotos after mussten? I said 'wir mussten von unserem baby Fotos machen'.


Wouldn't "aufnehmen" work here as well? As in "Wir mussten Fotos von unserem Baby aufnehmen"


You would probably understood, but it sounds weird. "aufnehmen" is used for sound recordings.


I see. Thank you for your reply! I've seen examples where aufnehmen was used for taking photos, such as "Dieses Foto wurde am 6. Februar aufgenommen." Does this sentence sound weird as well?


No. In this context "aufnehmen" can indeed be used, because the emphasis is not on the process of taking a picture in a specific moment, but on that this photo has been "recorded" at that day. I'm not completely sure, but I think the rule is that you can use the passive voice.


An example from the Blickpunkte in today's (2020.06.27) tagesschau.de:

Eine Langzeitaufnahme zeigt Gebäude, die bei einem früheren Bombardement in der Stadt Ariha in der von den Rebellen kontrollierten nordwestlichen Idlib-Provinz Syriens zerstört wurden, während die Milchstraßen-Galaxie am Nachthimmel darüber zu sehen ist. | Bildquelle: AFP

[A timelapse photo shows buildings which an earlier bombardment in the city of Ariha in the rebel-controlled northwestern province of Syria has destroyed, while above that the Milky Way is seen in the night sky.]


"Wir mussten von unserem Baby Fotos machen" ist im Deutschen genauso korrekt wie "Wir mussten Fotos von unserem Baby machen". Deutsch ist meine Muttersprache.


Einfach melden.


Wir mussten von unserem Baby Fotos machen.

Why was that marked as wrong?


The prepositional phrase should follow the object it is modifying.


What did I do wrong on "Wir hatten Fotos von unserem Baby machen müssen"?


Wrong tense. "hatten ... müssen" is Plusquamperfekt (past perfect) and thus would be "had had to".
The English sentence has a simple past tense ("had to"), which is "mussten" in German.

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