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Please make the new Crown system have strength decay.

I realize that the new crown system is here to stay and although I do not like it, there's nothing i can do about it. But please add the strength decay aspect of the old tree back. Why would you try to earn those crowns on the lessons to just let them set there and forget them. Repetition and using your knowledge of a language is one of the most important aspects to learning and remembering the things you learned. One of the greatest parts of duolingo was the strength decay because it was very influential in retaining your knowledge.

April 7, 2018



I am fully supportive of this post.

Having been on Duolingo for around 3 years now, I've never had a streak longer than 17 days. Often I go months away from the site and then return; and it's great to see the skills all telling me I need to practise. Under the crown system, I would come back to the site without a clear path of what to practice, and there would be no visible way to see what I reviewed earlier in the day compared to a few months ago.


Please bring back the strength decay. Skills do decay. The old format of clearly showing the decay helps the user organize by presenting the user with data. The user got to make the decision about when and what to review (or go on to a new lesson) using visible data. Now in the crown system this data is hidden. Please unmask!

Similarly, please give back the ability to choose a lesson within a skill and the ability to repeat a lesson if the learner feels like repeating it. It seems that a lot of this new update is about taking away choices. Why?

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A problem with the old decay system was that I could come back every day when I had time for only one exercise and see the fluency going down even though nearly all exercises were completed without error. You need a system that responds to your errors, rather than just decaying with time. To avoid typos and misreadings, decay should reflect repeated errors. This is an interesting challenge for the programmers, as a time decay is easier to code. This would probably be a number in addition to the number of crowns, rather than a modification.


I personally didn't like the decay, but I hope they bring it back as optional to make both camps happy.


There could potentially be a switch that you could toggle on/off to enable/disable strength decay on skills...


Try the third party skill strength viewer. It's more effective anyway in my opinion. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22449961/Skill-Strength-Viewer-userscript


Getting a skill to level 5 requires you to go through over 50 lessons of the same thing (on average) and that's what I checked for the basic skills so far. Also, the number of lessons increase as the difficulty level for the skills increase. If a person manages to get a skill gold, chances are that they are at an expert level in that skill. It's quite difficult to practice something close to 500 times (50 lessons times 10 questions per lesson, again on average) and then forget it in a few days.


Not in a few days; but I haven't practised Spanish in over 4 months, and I'm a complete beginner to the language. I'm more than likely to have forgotten a lot of it now, but under the crown system it wouldn't clearly show what I have practiced recently and what I haven't.


I hated the decay feature. Nice idea in theory, didn't work in practice. I am on Duolingo every day, and it seemed the same set of items decayed rapidly, requiring me to revisit them every day or so, while others never seemed to decay. As a result, I kept redoing (and getting bored of) the same set of lessons, while areas that actually needed work were ignored. Unless they fix the algorithm, I hope decay stays dead.

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I do not think that the strength decay gave much useful information. What could help is a test facility, which could possibly be linked to a decay. The crown system works as it is. A way of measuring current level is best done with a separate feature. We could just do a test once a week to keep up our levels.


Agree! Having algorithms pick a place to focus was the best part of having all gold trees decay over time!


Love this tip from @rafaujo to see your gold status! I was shocked to see how much my three gold trees had degraded in just a couple of days of the crown system! Not being shown where time is best spent focusing, and having the app use so restricted by health even on topics you've already seen had a profound impact in a very short time.

http://www.duolingo.eu/USER/progress (substitute USER with your own username)

More useful tips in the replies here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26850594


thanks for the tip on how to check my strength. You solved my problem.


I'm actually really happy about the decay being separate from the tree. I've been spinning my wheels the last few months trying to keep my skills golden and didn't get to learn much new. This way, I'm drilling down and really knowing the skills and now know I have a chance to get it all gold.

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