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Crown FAQ needs more guidance, how do you progress and track skill decay?

Flirting, Idioms and Christmas are all gold at 1, however basics I've just rerun 3 times and am now at level 2 by repeating Mann and Frau ad nauseam. I really don't get this switch or how this helps me want to practice more. I also can't tell which lessons are decaying, which was a more helpful daily reminder to catch up on 2-3 skills per day. I don't know the idioms well, they take a lot more memorization and reuse yet the easiest stuff that I feel very fluent in will require umteen repeats to consider learned? Maybe this appeals to new students but this feels like a terrible shift in approach.

April 7, 2018



Completely agree, I hate how the skills no longer decay. I used to use that feature to guide me to practice words which I had not used in a while.


Same goes for me. Now I do not know which ones I should practise first. Hmm.


I agree completely. It may be good for newbies but I find it demotivating as I do not want to practice the basics.

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Agree - the conversion of all lessons to new 'Level 3' max seems a bit silly for the lower/early ones.

For me - as a plodder in my learning - main loss is the decay function.

By keeping the whole tree gold you were forced to go back and redo/revise lessons.

If they could put back the 'dial' around the lesson to keep track of what not done recently that would be great.


If you go to this site (change username to your own) you can see your progress as before and know what to revise. Bit of a hassle but better than nothing!



Thank you so much, didn't know about that! It is so helpful!


Skill decay was one of the best learning tools which the site offered. It definitely needs to be brought back!


I'm deeply frustrated with this new version of Duolingo. About a week ago I discontinued my 3-month subscription with Babbel, because I liked Duolingo's approach -- the old one -- more. After using it for two or three days, I cranked it up and found the screen full of crowns and meaningless numbers. Hoping that it would gradually become obvious how to use the "improvements," I have tried to suppress my disappointment and figure it out the hard way. I say "the hard way" because I still have not been able to find a useful description of the new structure and how to use it. Here are my suggestions ... so far:

  1. IMMEDIATELY, create an Explanation and Instructions page on the header of all sections, along with "Home," "Words," "Discussion," and "Labs," and set it up so that a user can visit it at any time without losing his or her current place in the exercises.

  2. Change the number system in the various lessons, so that they indicate the number of sections in each unit, how many sections the user has completed, and an indication of whether the user needs to repeat them. (It may be that better instructions would solve this problem -- I can't tell. But please do SOMETHING to make it clear where we stand, and what we need to do to move forward.)

My wife (who speaks German) and I expect to visit her relatives in Germany within the next year. I've tried various ways of learning the basics of the language, and she says I'm coming along nicely. Duolingo was, and hopefully will be again, the best tool I have found for learning to speak the language. I judge that I'm not the only person frustrated with its current "improvements," and I would be glad to help make the program as good as it has been in the past, or better. You have my email address, and I have the time to help, if you like. The ball is in your court.


I agree my only suggestion would be not to look at Duo as the end all be all to languages. I've branched out over the past 6 months to reading and listening to news online which has upped my vocab and comprehension at speaking pace. Just got back from 2 weeks in Dusseldorf for work and it was an awesome experience to go to dinners and hang out with my EMEA colleagues auf Deutsch jede Tag!


please bring back level strength bars so we can see our progress on each level and choose where to progress while still working in parallel with the new automatic system :-) please bring skill decay back, PLEASE :-)

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