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Please bring back the preview of the words/lessons

As usual, thank you to the Duo team for continuously updating the site to make it more helpful in learning your chosen language; however, I don't understand nixing perfectly good components that don't stand in the way of your update. I don't see how the crowns can't still be achieved without the preview of upcoming lessons and words to be learned.

For me, it was encouraging and motivating to see what I would be tackling next. I also like being able to choose what set of words to review. Please bring this option into the crown update. Thank you.

April 7, 2018



Agreed, being able to view what words would be learned and also review the words afterwards (without having to redo the whole lesson) was very useful and I'm disappointed to see it gone. Having no way to see what words are in what lesson, or to redo specific sections of a lesson when there are words/phrases you're having trouble with, is a serious downgrade and it's the biggest reason I didn't like to use the mobile app.


I've downvoted the CrownsFaq https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26739837.

I hope the realize the mistake they've made. I know a lot of time an effort have been invested on this change and I am personally grateful for that and for the idea of free learning, but if the good intentions don't yield results, it is reasonable to take a step back and make the pertinent changes.


I totally agree and I'd like to add something to that. Sometimes I used to do one particular lesson a few times, because I felt that I needed to, but now I can't do it anymore. Now you can only do lessons from a certain skill in a fixed order. I wish they brought that feature back.

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I used to do it the same and it proved really effective, since in language learning repetition is the key. Now I have to go through many lessons and many other words to see the same words again, that doesn't work for me at all :-(


I am glad to hear other people are missing this feature as well! I have lowered my points per day goal and I have started using the Tiny Cards that corresponds to the current section I am on, in case that helps anyone else. It would be easier if they tied the Tiny Cards to Duolingo directly, especially due to this last change. However, I do like that the new updates include new sentences which create more practice for the words we have learned. I just hope some additional adjustments are made due to user feedback.


Agreed. It was the closest thing to a quick reference vocabulary list of what you've covered so far. Worst thing about crowns.

Zero stars.


100% agreed. I used the words preview to add words to my Memrise course. I need to use Memrise with Duolingo because the system here has always been ineffective. I've always been forgetting the words. Then when I started using Memrise, I was remembering them all. Now that the words preview is removed, Duolingo is basically useless to me. More sentences and practice seems to switch off my brain more than challenge it. I'm considering deleting my account and leaving this ruined site forever, but I'm still holding on in hope that they will see how big of a mistake they have made, and bring back this essential feature.


I really miss this feature. I've lost an overview of vocabulary and grammar and I've lost control over what segments I feel I need to study. It was a big mistake to take this away.


Please restore the preview!! :(


This development is a total failure.


I agree, I liked that feature as well. I could do the sets with words I was still unsure of. Now I don't see anything anymore and have no idea what's inside a skill.


A possible fix for this within the current system would be to list the words/lexemes introduced in the skill in its Tips and Notes link. If keeping them separate is required, a separate icon and textbox could easily be added, but that's not even necessary. I wouldn't mind scrolling down a little farther on the Tips and Notes if it meant the vocabulary was accessible again.


Yes, I found seeing the words coming up in a lesson very useful indeed.It must have suited my way of learning! I also very much miss being able to go over the same lesson more than once if I feel I have not quite mastered it.Now I am left feeling a little frustrated when I am moved on by the new format.Any chance of these being brought back in the near future?


Agreed. Couldn't care less how you name your lessons, but if I want to look at what I have learned in a lesson, I should be able to!


"I totally agree and I'd like to add something to that. Sometimes I used to do one particular lesson a few times, because I felt that I needed to, but now I can't do it anymore. Now you can only do lessons from a certain skill in a fixed order. I wish they brought that feature back."

I agree as well. Now I cannot repeat components of a lesson and am forced to continue before I'm ready. Not good Duo.


I just added some comments about this. I have started copying words and sentences into my own documents (Word or Gmail) so I can go over them again later. Yes, it takes me longer to get through a lesson, but not by much. And all the stuff I learned is MINE to keep and review as I please.


You can go to the Wiki, there is every word you will get in that lesson with its translation.

Example: https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/Spanish_Skill:Phrases


Thank you so much!!! I've been looking for this :) This should be higher


I totally agree with all of these comments. LOVE Duolingo, but it was so helpful (okay, somewhat psychologically) for me to see what words were coming up, and to strengthen particularly troublesome skills.


Yes ! We WANT it back ! We are too many to be ignored ! Thnx DL .


Actually, if you want the old system back, you can. Disclaimer: This can only work on website as in Duolingo.com, not the application (for as far as I know).

Choose which skill you want and press the occasional "Start". Then, it will bring you to your current session. In the URL bar, remove the last number. Now, you can choose and its old interface is there!


Sad to report, IzzatiAfrina's cool tip no longer works.

Duo, please, please fetch our word lists!


this is brilliant - don't tell DuoLingo - they might take it away. Thank you so much


IzzatiAfrina, you are a blessing! Thank you for the timely tip. All is right with the world again!


Problem is tinycards is very confusing. I tried downloading the app for it and gave up almost right away because I couldn't make heads or tails of how to tie it to my courses.


I agree with everyone here. I really liked being able to see the words in new lessons and choosing accordingly when I would review lessons. I also miss the grammar explanations. They were excellent and I can't believe they're all gone now! Why did they take that away??? Please bring it back!


Click on a skill, then click on the icon next to the 'start' button.


Thanks so much! I'm so happy to have them back!


I'm a new user around here but I think bringing back this system you're talking about could help me practice and memorize tricky German words, I agree.


I am also missing the ease in repeating a lesson. It used to be if I wanted to focus on something, I would click on a skill and I when I was finished the lesson, I would be back there.

Now, it returns me to the main page even if I clicked on a skill, so for a lesson at the bottom of the page, I need to scroll down a bunch, which is just annoying from a UX perspective.


Excellent point, I totally agree with you. Thanks for posting.


yes please bring this back!...Duo is saying all the new "changes" are to improve the learning experience and make it more fun, but i find it more of a burden and to the point where i really dont want to use your program anymore, furthermore, i dont know if i would even recommend this program to others now since you made the changes. i understand you want to make sure people are learning the new language, but when i lose health because i misspelled a word or i put a word in the wrong order i get punished for it instead of a friendly reminder of WHY i need that word there instead of just getting it wrong and then now i lose all my health. take the "health" away too, very discouraging.... not an improvement from my standpoint!


I have to agree. I do not even understand what I have to review.


Agreed. I really do not like the fact that I cannot preview words.


I agree even though I forgot the words as soon as they were off screen. It just feels random now. There's more than enough of that as Duo changes things without warning or explanation, and these changes are never universally applauded.


Eu fiz um post ensinando a fazer isso, https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26888260

Aqui o tutorial resumido:

tutorial com exemplo: 1 - No início, clique na lição "artigos" e em seguida em "começar". 2 - Quando você fizer isso, vai aparecer o seguinte link na barra do seu navegador: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/en/Artigos-Indefinidos/1 3 - Sendo assim, o nome oficial da lição é "Artigos-Indefinidos". 4 - Cole esse nome no final do seguinte link: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/en/ 4.1 - Nesse caso, ficaria assim https://www.duolingo.com/skill/en/Artigos-Indefinidos

Usei a lição artigos apenas como exemplo, isso pode ser aplicado a qualquer uma.


This is so helpful! Obrigado!

Rough English translation for anyone who needs it:

"I made a post showing how to do this, https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26888260 Here is the tutorial summarized:

Tutorial with example:

1 - At the beginning, click on the "articles" lesson and then on "start".

2 - When you do this, the following link will appear in the bar of your browser: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/en/Artigos-Indefinidos/1

3 - So, the official name of the lesson is "Artigos-Indefinidos. "

4 - Paste this name at the end of the following link: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/en/ [NB: you will need to change the "en" to match the language you are learning, so for example, the german course will be "https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/"]

4.1 - In this case, it would look like this https://www.duolingo.com/skill/en/Artigos-Indefinidos

I used the lesson articles just as an example, this can be applied to either."


Doesn't seem to work past the first part of a new lesson


I would like to add another request for a way of summarising the vocabulary for each set of lessons. Something along the lines of the tips and tricks for vocabulary. Maybe even with the gender identified?


I'm in agreement with the general desire to have word lists restored. I sorely miss the option to chose a lesson for review & practice those that in which my vocabulary needed boosting. For these reasons I'm holding back on approval of the Crown update. But thanks to the Duolingo team for striving to improve this valuable app.


Yes, please do! Please at the very least bring back the vocabulary list. Practicing the same sentences over and over and over again is redundant and boring. I liked the way things were before you made these changes!


I completely agree! I struggle to remember the genders of new nouns, and I found it really helpful to be able to see what new nouns were coming up and check their definition and gender before jumping into the lesson.

Also, I sometimes used to find myself wanting to practice using a specific word, and so I would find the particular lesson teaching that word and repeat it a few times. Now I can no longer do this because I cannot see which words are in which lessons.


absolutely. I want to be able to follow my own path through the maze of a new language. I look for commonalities, roots, the history of the language and how it has developed. I want an understanding that is deeper and wider. The Crowns method is shallow and prescriptive. I know Duolingo is free but I'm sure it doesn't need to be this unhelpful.


I agree, it was very useful to have a list of the words that you would learn during a lesson. That way you could prepare your lesson by looking up the words in a dictionary and by finding the standard form of it (infinitive for verbs etc) so you could add them to your glossary in a good way. So please give us back the list of words to be learned during a lesson


Same. I used to write down the words of the next lesson into my vocabulary and translate them. It lets me sort out only the unique new words, as Duolingo highlights other forms of the same word in orange, just like a new word. So, please bring us the word list back! :)


Yes, it was useful, but it was not a complete list of all the words in a lesson. I was writing them down as I did my lessons and found out that some words were not listed anywhere. I would like a Words list for every language. The Words tab is still there on the web version for some languages. Perhaps they could add the words for each skill at the bottom of the tips and notes. I would appreciate that.


Why Why Why - have the word lists disappeared. This is really disappointing - I can't believe those on the review team would allow this change.

Maybe the staff need new jobs. (those that get paid! - those who volunteer - i love u loads!)


I agree! Please give us back the ability to choose lessons within a skill, in particular the ability to REPEAT a new lesson is sorely missed! In the past, being able to repeat a more challenging lesson had been really helpful for my learning. Repeating wasn't necessary for every lesson, but that just goes to show how important it was to have a choice.


Agreed. It's very frustrating not able to see what's upcoming and review what you have earned through your hard work. Right now, I don't know what I am learning and not what I have learned either. I don't know if Duolingo intends to capitalize on this "premium feature" as a paid privilege, since Duo has been a free service so far.


I am a paid member, and I have the same issue as everyone else. No way to prepare for a lesson, look up the word origins, etc. If it doesn't change, I won't keep paying for it. Right now, I am so discouraged with it that I am not really progressing any more.


Yeah I am still pretty disappointed....When I started duolingo I was pretty excited with how well it was going and looked forward to it every day. Then after just 3 weeks that all changed with the new crown system. I have only bothered with it 3-4 times since. Its just not the same.


Yes, strongly agree. Was very helpful to know what words would be in the next lesson. As I recently said in another comment - without preview words we are basically flying blind. Lessons take more time, because we often have to make a lot of mistakes then do many sentences over again. Even with crowns, the previews could remain.


I really wish you would bring back or add to the Tips and Tricks section the complete vocabulary list for that lesson. I found it extremely helpful in that I would look up all the words for that lesson, discover the gender of nouns, their plurals, whether the word is an adverb or adjective, how the verb is conjugated, and the list goes on.

Please bring back the vocabulary section!!!


Tips and notes are still there. Click on the lightbulb button next to the start button in each skill that had tips and notes. You can still look up the word under the Words tab on the web version. Tips and Notes were only on the web version. I too wish the vocabulary was still listed for each lesson within each skill, perhaps they could add them to the end of the tips and notes?


I just started in March and loved the ability to cover lessons as many times as I felt necessary in order to feel confident moving on to the next. I really miss being able to do that. The worst part now is I feel as If I am being pushed through a lesson, in some cases failing through til the end, where I am left uncertain and sometimes confused. Before it was no big deal I could just do it again and again if need be, in order for that "I get it now!" moment to strike. Now I feel kind of stressed if I didn't do so well, only to have more things thrown at me while being forced forward. The new system lacks being able to focus on what you are unsure about. I am pretty discouraged about the changes.


The best thing to do is that when you have done a lesson, you cross yourself out and leave it without getting the reward of having finished it. Them you can redo it until you are satisfied. And only then, you finish the lesson the ordinary way and earn your XPs.


Thanks for the suggestion. This will allow us to actually do the lessons until we got it. Then again, the lessons have become so tedious that I am very conflicted about foregoing the XP - after all, I have to earn those to keep my streak going. And the way it looks, I'll be doing the minimum per day, and continue on until I'm (hopefully) done with earning my golden owl (in French), and if the system hasn't improved by then, that may be the end of my Duo activity...

Well, I suppose i could review some of my other languages to earn the XP... still...

BTW, has anyone from DL chimed in on those issues? Any idea how open they might be to fix it?


Brilliant reply! I have just tried that and it works a treat!Thank you so much!


Duo was the best, now it sucks due to the last version. I share the opinion with others. Hope there will be at least option to have the previous version, otherwise many users are going away.


Agree, this is a step backwards as far as I'm concerned.


Agree!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleaaaase bring it back and bring back the chat with the people. thanks.


I totally agree! Now I am really disappointed with the new look of the lessons.


absolutely,it was sooo easy in that way


I want the old system back!!! it's redundant to keep choosing the words, instead of typing them out like before. I learned way better that way!




About creating workarounds...

I'm getting better at working with the new system, and creating a workaround for the lacking word lists and the ability to repeat lessons:

Here's my new way to review things:

I am creating files where I take notes, lots of notes, on sentences I find useful, some useful vocabulary, and more, that I can go back over after I'm done with the lessons and review anytime I want.

Okay, so I won't get any XP's for that, but since I focus on the words I personally find useful (and sentences too), it really helps.

It also helps me with completing some of the listening exercises that I find really challenging, at least in French... They used to drive me crazy, but since I want to earn my golden owl in French I HAVE to complete those lessons. And now I can.


Yes I agree. I wish we can have it back again.


I agree with Nuttybar and all other posters. I love Duolingo. Please bring back the format that lists the words to be learned in a lesson. It makes it easier to focus. Keep up the great work!


Just posting to say I used the lesson previews and reviews a lot and are something I badly miss about the old system.


Interesting, (they removed?) My comment got removed a few days ago that got upvoted and I got some lingots for. How suspicious.

What I said was I agreed and that I hope our voices will get heard, and those who prefer the old system get an option to opt-out or revert.

My second paragraph was because of the old system, I was able to progress my Korean quite well, because choosing which lessons you want to study is significant!


This new version is so boring. I don't feel any motivation anymore.


Adding another vote for this, the new system is awful and i don't like the way it looks at all,if it doesn't go back i'm afraid i'll have to learn elsewhere.


In addition, I really wish that the mobile app had the same helpful lesson material as the website. If I get something wrong on the website, I can click a link and see a discussion on it. In addition, each lesson has a small plan page with the lesson overview.


Oh, check if this site is helpful to you: https://duome.eu/Nuttybar/progress

Other people just replace the username with your own.

The words are now added with the Tips and notes on this site. If only they would be added to the main site. They might: https://duome.eu/thankyou

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