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Disappointed with the "Crowns" .Here's my rant

The one regular thing I had in life was dedicating a certain amount of time everyday ,to keep all my language trees golden. It got to the point of an obsessive addiction . Now, that they've taken that away from me , I have nothing else to fill the vacuum left behind. There's no incentive for me to keep working . I've nothing to work towards. I have to start all over again with the same basic words and sentences. It's a huge waste of time and you get nothing out of it . You took a perfect thing and somehow made it into the abomination it is now. Did you really want to improve the learning experience or there's an inside ploy to make people stop using Duolingo . If the latter is the case , then you've done quite a good job. I quit .

April 7, 2018



I am extremely disappointed with the new Crown levels for a different reason. The old % fluent (which no longer shows up) was a joke because Duo only taught around half the vocabulary needed. With a 69% fluency rating and everything rated 5/5 for months, I still couldn't read anything real without looking up a couple of words per sentence. Understanding German speech was impossible for the same reason. Have started doing Memrise to build a decent vocabulary. When I saw the new levels, I had hoped Duo would add vocabulary. I just leveled up on a subject and started the next level. Huge let down: No new words. Will continue with Memrise.


Perhaps take that as a sign that you are ready for more advanced media. Understanding 80% of a sentence or paragraph after studying with Duolingo is actually quite impressive. Sitting down with a book in your target language and, yes, a dictionary, is a great way to grow in your comprehension. Duolingo will not make you fluent, and you should learn to recognise when to step up a level.


I'm not sure I understand... You said you're disappointed with the new crown system, but then you stated a problem with the old "percent fluent" system which doesn't exist anymore. You're disappointed because the new system replaced a bad one...?


Give it a try. Most people hate it at first. There is still something to work towards. You only have to be at level 1 to go on down the tree. Then when you would have practiced, pick a few to do a lesson in. You can start with the bottom of the tree if you finished your tree. It doesn't matter if you don't bring the early lessons to Level 5. Do the ones that interest you a bit at a time and you will actually consolidate your skills even better. There is a ring around the skill that gradually becomes gold as you do lessons towards the next level.

I don't know why you copied the same post to each language forum that you are doing. This is a general Duolingo complaint and that is the forum it should have been in, so everyone could see it. It is not specific to one language or another.

Here is the official page about the change:
Crowns FAQ https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26739837


I didn't know. Sorry


I had finished 3 trees when I was switched to the crown system. For those trees, I can pick any skill and work for a higher crown. I started at the top of one tree and found it teniuosly boring, although, I sure racked up points fast! Next, I started the reverse tree from the bottom, getting a higher crown for each skill. I found that more useful.. The new system seems most useful with the language that I am least skilled in. For that one , I think it really will be beneficial. I found the change invogorating.


It really grows on you. Well, this may be a bad update for many veteran members, it is amazing for the new members. I "mastered" 31 skills before the update in French, yet, I didn't remember about 10 of them, but I didn't know which ones they were because there was just a façade of gold covering the skill. Now, I can focus on specific skills and set a specific goal. You should set it your goal to get a completely gold tree even with the new update. Imagine how legendary that will be. You will be unstoppable and never forget it. You still have the same retention of language as before the update, so why is your progress gone? Your skills in a language are not shown by how gold a tree on Duolingo, they are shown by how well you apply them to your daily life. Well, the gold may be satisfying, it means little to nothing. Think of it as Duolingo challenging you to do better, work harder, achieve more. Your progress is not gone, well it may not be shown on something as simple as a website on a computer screen, it is all stored safely in the amazing brain that we all have.


This may help: Hidden Links of Duolingo - And how to counter some of the Crowns frustration (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26865733)

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