April 7, 2018



I wondering about the difference between mob, nIteb and neH, all of which seem to be translated as “alone”.

Am I correct in understanding that: mob means “alone” as in “lonely” (“I feel so alone!”), nIteb refers more to “doing something by yourself” (“A great leader stands alone”) and “neH” means “alone” as in “just this, nothing else” (“I will speak to you alone!”). Or am I missing something?


mob is a verb meaning be alone. It is used the way all verbs are used. It doesn't mean "feel alone."

nIteb is an adverbial meaning do something alone. It goes before the object-verb-subject part of a sentence.

neH is a special adverbial meaning only, merely. It goes after a noun to mean "only this noun, nothing else" or after a verb to mean "do this, but nothing more."

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