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What on earth has happened?

I logged in and all my progress has been reset. I see crowns and a very poor explanation of what they mean.

I think it's time to say goodbye to Duolingo.


April 7, 2018



I liked the past version where we could see how many chapters inside a particular topic and revisit a particular one if we were not good at it. Now revisiting a topic means revisiting it entirely. Thats tiresome.


I agree. This is a valid point. Is there anyway to correct this?


I logged in and all the progress icons within each language I have been studying have disappeared. This means I can no longer elect to choose or see my topics within each language.


I've been on Duolingo for three years and completed my tree a long time ago, but I still come regularly to keep my categories golden. And today everything was gone. You can imagine how that feels. Many here have been on Duolingo much longer than I have. Just imagine.



I felt the same initially, but after using it for a while it feels like a good improvement - you earn crowns now and learn more :)


but its WAY TOO MUCH to repeat the basics again and again and again and again so boring and discouraging!


So you have been repeating the same stuff doing no progress at all. Nowadays you will be challenged by harder and harder sentences for each category depending on how advanced you get there. I think this is actually very clever thing to do. The only thing I would change is to give an option to selectively repeat only captions of each category. Also the new sentences are full of errors. Like at least two in each practice. It feels like total beta and not ready to launch set.


I would agree the lessons get harder but that would only be the case in lessons like subjunctive. There is nothing hard in writing yo soy un hombre 30 times except pure frustration.


I agree that levels on Basic are festival of stupidity and despair. Seems like no-one really tested this one. It's repeating like three or 5 words over and over and over. But for more advanced subjects it is different and how it should be.


Your progress has not been reset, you still have all the skills you learned, there's just a LOT more to learn. As someone who has been coming once in a while to "regolden" my tree for a few years now I'm happy I have new stuff to learn.


Actually, there are not new exercises, at least not in Spanish. The variety of exercises for a person who had completed their tree is actually far, far, less. The lessons also do not use material from later lessons, so if you want to work on items early in the tree, you will not see the diversity of vocabulary that you used to see, you will only see very simple words. This is a complete waste of time for advanced learners.


No, there are definitely new sentences. Lot's of them actually (and with lots of errors too).


So go and do the more advanced stuff. You don't have to be level 5 at everything, at least in my case most of the basic stuff was already level 3 and now I'm working on getting the later subjects at level 3.


CONGRATULATIONS! You now can repeat the exact same sentences with no new vocabulary 240-500 times PER CATEGORY to get your tree golden again! You ARE an apple!


I will also say goodbye to duolingo


I'm confused with the interface redesign but at least the streaks remain. What I don't like is that one can no longer choose which sub lesson (or chapter) to try again or review. It is now forced upon the user to revisit past sub-lessons sequentially.


Fried my mind, too. I had actually completed two activities, and I came back and suddenly there were crowns.

I feel like Duolingo should have warned us, and explained the new system.


I totally agree with the above comments.


I have no idea what's going on with this either. How do I tell which skills I need to refresh and which are still good?


There is more levels now. So if you just want to get to the end of the tree, level 1 will do. If you want to get equivalent of the golden tree it's level 5 for everything now. I think old golden tree was equivalent of like level 2 for everything.


I'm so confused, I just got into a really good habit of using Duolingo but now that they've changed it I'm so confused on what all I need to complete. Duolingo, please explain what this all means and how I can use it properly.


Simples. By mastering the topic, you level-up, so you will get more words and more difficult sentences. You can get up to level 5 now for each subject. There might probably be even more levels in the future. This way the beginner can go through the whole tree mastering the basics of the language and all subjects, but by practicing more and more, he can level up to more advanced and more in depth knowledge. I love the idea, I just think Duolingo is really useless in communicating it. I would expect some initial guide through the changes after you load the new design first. I had to google what happened.


I go away for a couple of weeks, and everything is bumped down to 1 crown or somesuch. And to get it back up to 5, I have to repeat essentially the same thing 15 or 20 times, even the basic stuff?! What drudgery.


It's not back to level 5. Old golden was like level 2. Now there is much more to master to get to the level 5. Duolingo states that there is 5 times more content now.


I agree that the change is hard to take. I was incentivized by the % and now cannot see this. I will give it a go but not so happy


No, no no!!! I hope they are monitoring this for satisfaction with their "new crowns idea" because I DO NOT LIKE IT! How the heck am I supposed to "keep my tree golden" NOW? WORSE, I HAD 4605 LINGOTS AND NOW IT SAYS 490! I feel like I've been ROBBED! How the heck can I direct my complaint to them?


Try to delete and reinstall. You should have all your achievements and lingots. But there is (according to Duolingo) 5 times more content now. So you have a way to go to master everything. Which I personally think is great, because Duolingo's vocabulary was pretty limited.


Re: lingots - make sure the entire page appears on your screen. Once you have 1,000+ lingots, it's easy for the final digit to be hidden off-screen.


I also hate the new system. What happened to the speaking into the mic? That's gone. Also, there is no list of the new words in each lesson. I was learning a lot by making spreadsheets of the new words and looking them up. Otherwise, how can you know what they mean? I am quitting Duolingo!


To Hobbitt CZ

I do not understand what you are talking about although I am sure that the new system is probably great for new starters and possibly those that have already completed the course and are using it to refresh everything.

I am almost 60% through it and it would appear that I need to spend the next 6 months learning absolutely nothing and just refilling all that has been deleted by duolingo. I might be wrong but how do I know? This upgrade has been thrown at us with no explanation and absolutely no help.

If this really is an upgrade we really need help urgently not just your opinion!!!


To Hobbit_CZ What has been deleted is all of my achievements so far!!! If I want to revisit any topic it appears as if I will need to restart the topic from scratch and go through each of the exercises, much of which I have already done. This would be great if my only objective in life is to learn spanish. However I joined duolingo to improve my spanish and I do not see the point of spending the next 6 months getting back to where I am now to benefit from the improvements.

You may know better but someone needs to explain to me how I can progress without staring again.


To Hobbit_CZ You obviously have access to a lot of information which duolingo has not sent to me. If I want to return and practice say level 1 present tense, up until the change the system would add a new chapter at intervals for me to practice.. It does not now appear to do this and if I want to practice, it appears as if I will need to repeat the complete skill again. This is to me a very retrograde step as I cannot remember everything I was taught and the old revision process was in my view one of the great benefits of duolingo. i.e. if idiots like me felt it was useful to go back and practice I did not need to repeat everything. I really would like the opportunity to revisit the chapters within a skill (topic) without repeating everything within that set.


I am giving it a try, but to this point I see no reason for encouragement. I also have to question having this sprung on us with little to no explanation or instruction.


After deleting the App and reinstalling it, all my icons and progress have returned. In addition, I also have more exercises and I think it will be an improvement.


and another thing! when you are translating a sentence with fridge magnets they hide the sentence you are translating! So if it's long you can't see the bloody thing. Seriously, did no one pilot this?


I have had a look at the new system and it is a pity that they have had to downgrade rather than upgrade the system to hopefully put in a lot of new and probably harder good content. The e-mail that they sent is incorrect as they have deleted all my past achievements except at a high level although this is not obvious when you first look at it. I very much liked the revision exercises and I was revisiting these regularly and they appeared to have a higher proportion of spoken Spanish which is what I need. The prospect of redoing the whole lot to do revision when I am nearly 60% of the way through, having spent about 6 months, is very daunting. I really feel like ditching duolingo. I think that the crowns are just a distraction and it really is a pity that this has happened. Having been treated this way it has put me off trying a new language with duolingo and I would now not recommend it but having got this far I will probably continue until I get to the end.


The content that appears on the home page - i.e. the whole course.

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