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Never A Cross Word for Crosswords

Hi Guys,

When I was growing up learning English, I remember loving crossword puzzles. They helped me learn new words and well, I just love puzzles...

Anyway, I have been doing these daily German crosswords and they have been a great help. The more German you can cram into your day the better! This site also has Flashcards, Hangman, Word of the Day, Phrase of the Day....etc.

Give it a shot and learn some new words!



April 7, 2018



Thank you:)


Hey, this site is actually a treasure chest! Have a lingot!


Yes, I really love the site. My daily routine is to finish my 100 point commitment to myself on Duolingo, then I head over to Lexisrex for a round of crosswords and flashcards while I listen to audiobooks....lol. Then, at night I try to read German stories on my Kindle before going to sleep. German all day and all night....that's the way I do it!


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