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Never A Cross Word for Crosswords

Hi Guys,

When I was growing up learning English, I remember loving crossword puzzles. They helped me learn new words and well, I just love puzzles...

Anyway, I have been doing these daily German crosswords and they have been a great help. The more German you can cram into your day the better! This site also has Flashcards, Hangman, Word of the Day, Phrase of the Day....etc.

Give it a shot and learn some new words!



April 7, 2018



Hey, this site is actually a treasure chest! Have a lingot!


Yes, I really love the site. My daily routine is to finish my 100 point commitment to myself on Duolingo, then I head over to Lexisrex for a round of crosswords and flashcards while I listen to audiobooks....lol. Then, at night I try to read German stories on my Kindle before going to sleep. German all day and all night....that's the way I do it!



That reminds me of someone: XP by the score, German music all day, learning and singing the songs, texts and videos whenever I can, commenting my own day to myself in German (with a dictionnary by my side), German all day everyday :D And my dearest e-reader has been put to good use for some years now…
I saw actual litterary texts on Lexisrex, what a feast! And I like the "word of the day" feature, particularly when there is a "simple" and "advanced" word. I've tested the word bingo as well, great fun and beneficial: I doubt I will forget "das Reh" oder "die Klemme". There's so much to try and enjoy!
And on top of that, the site provides ressources for different languages as well: it's not a treasure chest finally, it's a whole treasure chamber.

That makes me think you could like Babadum It's, like Duolingo, seemingly a cute game, or rather four games in one (check top left corner) but excellent to drill and discover vocabulary in many languages as well. You can register to save progress, or use it as a guest, for as long or as little time as you want, I quite like it.
And you should have a look at Readlang as well. Contrary to what's stated, you don't have to make an account if you don't want, just make use of the library. You can instant translate any word you don't know, and at the end of your session use them as flash cards (you can correct them if needed). The best part is you can not only upload your own texts, but also use an add-on that enable the translation (and probably flash cards feature) on any web page. I'm not signed in yet, but consider it seriously.

May I ask you what kind of stories you appreciate? I've both curious and a avid reader.


Thanks for the suggestions! I am going to check both sites out after I finish writing to you! What do I like to read? Well, as for my German stories, I've been downloading free stuff from Archive.org and Project Gutenberg....check out the two books on there by Sigmond Stern...here is a link to the first:


He wrote for complete beginners but in such a way that the whole book is in German (pretty much)...

I also read free ebooks from Amazon... mostly children's books right now but I just finished a young adult sci fi adventure book about angels fighting demons that was a lot of fun and I understood almost all of it! It is called Markiert and is part of a series of books (originally written in English but translated into German)...here is the link:


And as for any other reading, I love everything, so my only criteria at the moment is....'can I understand this level of German enough to enjoy the story without too many trips to the dictionary?'

Any story suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


PS I just went to those two sites you recommended and they are both great! I can see myself spending a lot of time on both....thanks, Vabelie...


Just as I spent some time (not for the last time) on Lexisrex :) Glad you liked them.

I think I came across a French (native language) translation of "Marked" a while back, I love everything angel-related :)
Studien und Plaudereien could be just what the doctor prescribed, from what I see. I feel at home on Gutenberg.com, but it's so rich that it's hard to find exactly what you need if you don't already know, so thank you again.
Currently, I'm on a book by Mickael Ende of Neverending Story fame. Since this favorite of mine is a bit long, I've started with a charming little tale called "Jim Loch und der Lokomotivführer". There's also a delighfully vintage animated version on Youtube. "Momo" should be a perfect second step. "Die unendliche Geschichte" can be more intimidating because of many invented words, if you don't already know it well in your own tongue.

Karl May was recommended to me by a German friend. I'm yet to try, but some seem really great.

I also hear a lot about Cornelia Funke, which I'm sure I would adore. I'm told also she writes both German and English versions at the same time, so no need to rage against "traduttore traditore", treacherous translator ;)

And here is again one of my favorite places on the internet, Loyal Books. They have plenty of e-books (also in various languages), including the right format for the Kindle, and a good number as audiobooks as well. I guess you will feel at ease there.

I sincerely hope we'll communicate again, as I feel I've met a like mind :) How I love Duolingo: come to learn a language, meet friends along the way.


Edited to add the forgotten link to Cornelia funke's page.


Wow Vabelie, thank you for the great info! I will respond more after I check out your suggestions, I just wanted to drop you a quick thanks before I stumble off to bed (it is 1:30 am here in Idaho)....more tomorrow!



I love that Loyal Books page! It is great, I cannot wait to explore it Thank You! Vabelie, here is another site you may enjoy...and everyone else as well....it has these fun little grammar quizzes....I do them quite often and you can actually choose quizzes related to a certain textbook if you are working through one...pretty awesome!


My motto is The more German, the better!!


PS I downloaded something by Karl May...I read somewhere that he almost single handed turned Germans on to the American Wild West, lol....oh, and right now I am reading the second book in the Markiert series...can't think of the name off hand...but it is fun! It wasn't free for those who are paying attention to this ongoing conversation, but it was only 2.99 USD for the Kindle edition....


Hi Annie!
Touché! Those grammar quizzes on Deutsch Akademie are exactly what I need. I did one real quick on A2 level, I should definitively try B1, it's awesome.

I almost always forget the prices for American e-books compared to French ones: it's insane. By the way, the book I was thinking of is not the same (different author, the series is House of Night); but I may have actually read Markiert in English! If there are green eyed Archangels, and apes in the lifts, it's definitively this one, and great fun just as you said :)

I love "The more German, the better"!
Look what I came up with this afternoon https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26872782
And you should also have a look at Deutsche Welle. As they are a news network, you can find real life material, plus a variety of courses for different levels and tastes. I've started "Jojo sucht das Glück", it's in series form, with very short episodes, understanding exercices, and three seasons so far. I find it very cute if a bit easy :)

I bet you will be entertained for a while, while I relish on the great ressources you gave me. I can't get enough of that word bingo :)


Hallo, hallo!

Yes, Markiert IS the book with different apes running the elevators, lol. The first time I read that, I REALLY thought my German was bad, hahaha!

And I too love DW! I am not sure if this link will work, but it is a direct link to the Deutsche Welle course I have been working on:


Come to look at it, I am pretty sure that link will not work...hmmm I will have to figure out the name of the course, they have so many different ones. It is interactive and starts at A1 and goes through B2, I think.

And speaking of links not working, your comment link above wouldn't work for me.... so sad ;(

BTW, Lemme know if ya wanna exchange emails, I will put mine up in code so spam robots can't figure it out but smart Duo users can, lol...

One last thing, I am addicted to that silly Ba Ba Dum, heh. I sit and listen to audiobooks and just click away on the pictures...fun fun!



Hi, Annie, glad to see you again!

The comment was titled German Chat Bots, from three days ago, if you can google it perhaps. It's weird that the URL didn't translate to clickable, usable link, though? I think you will like some suggestions.
Oh, I wonder if your DW course isn't Prisoner in time: I considered enrolling, it seems great!

Markiert: the apes! I laught so hard! And the story is actually good, not the best written I've ever read, but good characters and narration, and excellent imagination :)

Ba Ba Dum is great, isn't: and it has enough words, both very common and less so, to keep us busy for a moment. I'm so glad you like it!

I would love to exchange email if you wish: you seem such a good person, and I see we have many things in common, I was actually trying to figure out a way to have direct contact in case we lose one another on the forum.

And now, to your new comment about German music, click, click :) Bis gleich…


Hallo, Vabelie!

Let us see about this email thing... Well, I will say that the first part of my email address is named after the band I was in when I lived in Tucson AZ The band was called 360Annie The reason for that is because my friends always said I was loopy and ran around in circles, haha. Now, the second part of my email address is the old, famous standby 'at' I switched my keyboard layout to German and I can't find the 'at' symbol but I think you know what I mean....and the last part of my email is gmail.com There, that should confuse the spam robots looking for email addresses, lol. I am going to go find that post on German Chat Bots you mentioned....


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