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Crown levels NOT an improvement

I clicked on upgrading to "crown" levels because I like the idea of being challenged more and learning more. I did not expect all of my progress in all my languages to be wiped out. I've been using Duolingo for over a year every day trying to get all my circles gold in different languages and now at the click of a button that's all gone and I'm having to start from scratch. This is NOT - absolutely NOT!!! - an improvement. There is also no "level out" option (or whatever it used to be called) so the only way to get a circle gold is to go through ALL of the exercise again. Please, please, please Duolingo do something to change this and restore my progress. This is EXTREMELY demotivating.

April 7, 2018



Duolingo you have wiped all my progress from the past 8 months i can not put into words how annoying this truly is not just for me,Please bring back the old system.


I see people have been down voting this already. Are you crazy. Let me explain my situation - I've already finished the French and German trees. Now I'm faced with a situation where I'd need to do 16 exercise (16!!!!!) just to turn the very first circle on the Greek tree gold. How is that motivating? 16 exercise to turn a skill gold that I mastered years ago? If you're going to downgrade my comment maybe you could at least explain the value of that. And why's there no longer a "test out" button - at least then I'd only have to do it once.


One of the things I like about Crowns, is it gives you greater control over your style for your language learning. You are able to set your own goals.

Whether you aim to work all the way through the tree, to learn new topics/skills, or see reward for mastery of a skill, by earning many crowns for a particular skill. And you get to see the progress you have made, by earning extra crowns on a particular skill level.

It is your decision how you wish to progress your learning. And this new system puts the ability to engage and be encouraged to do so and have a record of your progress as well.
Lessons also get harder as you progress with earning more crowns on each skill level. So while it may seem repetitive, if it is you are proficient in a particular skill, it does gradually extend you, improving your chance to move this information into your long term memory and also increase your speed of recall. However it is not necessary to get 5 crowns in every level. That is up to you, as to how you wish to take your own language learning.

I would suggest giving it a bit more of a try over the next week or so. However, as always, the decision is up to you.


It does give more freedom, but this freedom means I am incentivized to ignore 40-60% of the courses, and the fact I would benefit from ignoring vast parts of Duolingo content demoralizes me - why should I not move to a better designed, more effective means of learning a language?

Beyond maxing out the intermediate/more advanced grammar units, I see little point in revisiting most units. Why would the Duolingo crew consider it desirable to incentivize people to ignore large amounts of content and move onto other language learning methods?


I do not understand why, as level 25 in french, the majority of my skills are not even at crown level 1? I have to completely redo these skills to start progressing in difficulty


I agree with all of you, before they have changed it DuoLingo was much more pleasant. I beg you DuoLingo team, please change it the way that I could downgrade an exercise block if I want to repeat it from scratch.


Duolingo is completely unusable now (although it wasn't much better before — once you finished a full language tree Duolingo became pretty much useless and boring), please fix it.


Do you realise that reposting the 80th argument on the same discussion will change nothing? DuoLingo has seen people complaining, and they don't believe they need to change it, and they don't need to change it.

Listen, your second post is obnoxious, asking if people are crazy is not a way to sway people to your side, and it will only get you more downvotes.

If you complain that you have to repetitively need to do something on a language site, then you're ignorant. Have you any idea how you learn things? You repetitively do the same task so you can learn and integrate the word into your head so you can remember it and it's meaning.

If you're angry that your progress was wiped, then tough. You took the risk of upgrading to crown levels, which quite obviously from my eyes, would mean restarting and playing via crown levels. You cannot complain about it, you're the one who clicked it, you're the one who deals with it. If you're as far as you were, then doing all these again should be a breeze.


Your post is very unfriendly and not very constructive.

"If you complain that you have to repetitively need to do something on a language site, then you're ignorant. Have you any idea how you learn things? You repetitively do the same task so you can learn and integrate the word into your head so you can remember it and it's meaning"

You do realise that you don't need to repeat things you've already mastered don't you? I've finished the Greek tree. Completely finished it. It was already an irritation that the very first, very easy, pronunciation skill kept degrading so I had to redo it to get it gold. Now, to get it up to 5 crown level I would have to redo the skill another 3 times - that is 21 separate exercises to show that I've mastered the skill. If I hadn't mastered it I wouldn't be able to do all the other skills would I?

Duolingo works like a tree so that the later skills build on the earlier ones. The idea that it is somehow useful to have to constantly redo the earlier skills when you've progressed way beyond them is like suggesting that it would be useful for a professional footballer to keep repeating tying up his boot laces because there's always room for improvement!

And yes I clicked on Crown Levels because the message I got about it said it was a way to unlock extra skills - I'm very keen for an extra challenge. I'm less keen on wasting my time practicing things that I don't need to practice.


You don't know that. Clearly a lot of people are unhappy and annoyed. They absolutely SHOULD listen to what users want. Will they? They'll see.


I am sorry to see people are down voting. It may be that the community is considering this is spam, as the real place to discuss this issue is https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26739837 Crowns FAQ.

If you are serious about understanding about Crowns, this is the post to read. And this is also where it is appropriate to discuss , after reading it, and the comments others have made, about concerns / questions you have.

Thank you for being such a positive language learner and participant in this environment.


Thanks. I don't know if I'm serious in learning about crowns. I'm very serious in wishing that Duolingo hadn't made this change. Not an improvement.


Yes, I downvoted this thread in all the language forums in which it was posted. I did not downvote it in the "Duolingo" forum. Because opening the "Discussion stream" and seeing four or five threads all by the same poster, all having approximately the same title and content, does not cause benevolent emotions in me.


I'm sorry - I didn't see there was a more general place to spot this. That is why I posted it everywhere. It'd be nice though if downrating/uprating was based on what people were actually saying not on where they were saying it.

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