"Il est père de six enfants."

Translation:He is the father of six children.

April 7, 2018

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    In Englsh, we might also say "he is father to six children"


    je suis d'accord


    I put "He is a father to six children." which is also correct, but it is perhaps less common.


    I wrote "he is father of six children" and I was prompted to add "the" before father. I don't see "le" before "père".


    That is right the French doesn’t put an article when you say « Il est... » plus a noun, but in English we do need an article “the” or “a”. You cannot always expect a word for word translation. Often you will be translating one expression for another expression.


    I'd say that either 'he is the father of six children' or 'he is father to six children.'


    I have been English speaking for over seventy years and have more problem with the Duolingo English than with the French. He is father to six children is common English and should be allowed as an alternative.


    Did you try reporting it? Let them know where you are from. Where I am from, we would put an article with the noun “a” or “the”. The French doesn’t, but the English usually does.


    Why isn't it le père?


    « Il est médecin. » translates to “He is a doctor.”
    In French « Il est... » plus a noun does not use an article at all, so « le » is not used and « un » is not used. In English, we do need to put an article here, either the definite article “the” or one of the indefinite articles “a” or “an” for words that start with a vowel sound.


    but you could say in English: he is father t six children without the article.


    Indeed I think you probably would - and Duo shouldn't be forcing us to use stilted or uncommon translations, even if they want us to learn that the definite article is implicit in the French.


    You have it backwards the definite article is not used in the French and I think that British English has borrowed that for this expression though usually when French indicates “Il est....” plus noun English usually puts an article. It is not wrong as “He is a father to six children.” It is not stilted or uncommon here in the US (I live in California.), though we also use “He is the father of six children.” If you use “He is father to six children.” without any article indicate where your dialect is from and report it as another alternative to Duolingo.


    I wrote "He is dad of six children" and it was incorre t...


    Inconsistant I have used kids instead of children prior but this time no )))))))


    It is not usually accepted for children, but since some people requested that it be accepted at a sentence by sentence level, it is possible. Since then, Duolingo added “gamin”/“gamine” which are each specifically translated to “kid”, so now they will expect “enfants” to be translated as “children” and the exercises that allowed “kids” for “children” can be reported so they can eliminate that discrepancy. The plurals “gamins” or “gamines” will translate to “kids.”


    not accepted: 'he is the father of six kids'


    It is OK to omit the definite article in this case - 'father of six children'

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