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I am CONSTANTLY a beginner. Have repeated basics courses 20 times this year. BORING!

Please fix your code for when users lose credit for having completed a level. Yes, over time skills do need reviewing, but if I haven't used DuoLingo in a month, it doesn't mean that I have forgotten 70% of what I have learned.

And once someone has done the same level a certain number of times, you need to never make them repeat it. Testing out takes the same amount of time as doing 1-2 lessons, so that option does not help.

Imagine that you had to learn "I am a boy" 20 times, when your real skill level was, "I like eggs, but she likes pork." It causes me to want to quit DuoLingo, instead of the excitement I feel when I learn new things. It's like being stuck in preschool - have you had to repeat preschool, even though it was years ago? Hopefully not.

Even with the new crowns, it just adds more beginner stuff ("a girl") that I have to redo.

Please, make better/faster test out options, and do NOT make me redo levels that I have completed perfectly multiple times.

April 7, 2018



You shouldn't have to repeat it, just do all 4 lessons and move on.


I don't know why DL wants its userbase to ignore vast amounts of their language courses, or why this would be considered a smart idea by the users themselves. Why use a method which encourages to ignore large parts if not the majority of it, and not use better designed, more efficient methods instead?


You totally read my mind about this new system (have a couple of lingots on me)! I got so used to seeing the gold trees as progress that seeing them disappear is completely frustrating and demotivating. But since they probably aren't going back to the old system, I know I just need to retrain my brain to not rely on any Duolingo benchmarks and go with my ability to actually use and retain the language I'm learning.


Oh my friend, I hear your pain.

I highly recommend reading https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26739837 about Crowns FAQ , to understand better the ins and outs of the new Crown system.

Also https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26726755 about The new French tree is here! (under A/B test) .

Remember the path to how you choose to control your own language learning is in your hands. It is not about making trees golden, or even getting to the end of a tree. It is the path you may wish to choose to follow to advance your own language learning.

Bells and whistles such as "golden trees" and even streaks, are just motivators to encourage you. They can be indicators also of your progress. However the real game, is not these bells and whistles, but your own real progress for your own language learning.

I am so thrilled to hear you are motivated by state of the art and continually developing quality language learning resources that Duolingo develops.

Wishing you the best always with the real goal and benefit of learning a language, rather than merely playing of a game ( though it is really game like the way Duolingo acheives this goal, and also one of the reasons I like it. )


Do the next lessons, they can stop the earlier ones from decaying. Also, the Crown System now does not decay. Do you have it?

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