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Can I move up on crown levels by practise?

I am ready with a few trees and reverse trees and I do practice lessons every day. I just press the barbell practice button to make the tree shiny gold again.

Will this strategy of mine help me progress in crown levels?

Thanks for your help in advance



April 7, 2018



I did some research in FAQ according to the principle I encourage: use Google before asking unnecessary questions, LOL!

So this topic would have been unnecessary if I did so. Nevermind, here is the answer I found, a very nice, detailed one: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26739837

Regarding my topic - if you do not wish to read the whole stuff, which I recommend to do because it is really useful - here is the answer from Miss Karint:

"Does the “practice” button do anything? Practice works exactly as it did before, but it no longer has a visual effect on your tree. This means that while practice helps you review and strengthen words that need it, it does not level up skills or unlock new content by doing it. This was the case before Crowns as well.

We want to replace this with something more satisfying in the future.'

Thank you :)


With the old DL I completed the tree a number of times [using different accounts] and on the last occasion did it all by practise alone – not sure if it will work now though!?


I am also not sure, I am going to complete all crown levels, I am curious how they are. After that I am going into practise mode again, or something similar to that.

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