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  5. "Our bosses are nice."

"Our bosses are nice."

Translation:Nos chefs sont gentils.

April 7, 2018



Doesn't "patron" mean "boss"? If so, then "Nos patrons sont sympas" is correct.


nos patrons sont gentils I think, should be accepted I think, it is a better translation..... car je pensais que le francais "chef" a le sens de cuisinier.


I too think "Nos patrons sont gentils" should be accepted. If not, I'd like to know why.


Hi krista189497. In French, ‘Chef’ is a generally used term. It has only acquired it’s culinary interpretation in other countries thanks to the hospitality industry adopting French as the ‘lingua franca’ of the catering world ! A general definition is :-

Personne qui dirige une unité administrative, un groupe, etc :-

« Une chef de service », « un chef d’entreprise », « un chef d’État », « un chef d’orchestre » etc.


You also have to make "gentil" plural. Hence "gentils".


Please add "Nos patrons".


Salut Ben568111. I agree that you are correct in suggesting that “patron” is entirely equivalent. Please report this if you haven’t already done so, and we will hope that a moderator picks up the request. Bon weekend!


What's wrong with "patrons" please?


Salut louisemathias0. Having thought about this some more, there can be, in English, a significant difference between a “patron” and a “boss”.

A “boss” is one’s employer or manager – someone who is in a position to give you instructions. A “patron” may just be someone who supports you by giving you money for a project, or buying your paintings, or, if they are a celebrity, allowing their name to be used to support an organisation……

Perhaps someone could tell us if there is a similar distinction in French? Bonne journée!


Why is "nos patrons sont gentils" marked wrong?


Salut louisemathias0. It is wearisome, is it not? Apart from the possible fine differentiation between a ‘boss’ and a ‘patron’ to which I alluded in my earlier reply, I can see no good reason why your answer is not accepted.

I think we’re back to the age-old Duo problem that there are too many possible valid answers to the exercises, and too few volunteers trying to input them all and maintain the courses. If Duo fails to monetize the resource sufficiently to pay for additional full-time course maintenance, it will eventually have a very negative effect on it’s reputation and popularity. Which would be a tragedy!

Bonne journée!


'Patron' is absolutely correct. Throughout the world, a chef who owns his own business, and thus is "the boss", is known as a "chef patron".

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