New Crown System is Not Satisfying

There is a certain satisfaction to seeing all those little gold circles that has just been taken away today. The new crowns feel like a battle that you just can't win. I finish all three exercises, see the little circle fulfilled, then bang its empty again as if I didn't do anything. I hate it... This website was perfect. Please get rid of the new update. I believe the majority of us do not like it, but I would love to hear other opinions. For me, this update has demotivated my learning and I would be very happy if it was removed.

Thank you

-a sincere fan of your website

April 7, 2018


Very much agree. Also getting rid of the "level out" option so that you now need to go through every single exercise each time to fill a circle is extremely demotivating, especially for the very easy skills

April 7, 2018

Agree, agree, agree - I have no motivation to continue with Duolingo’s crown system. PLEASE give users the option to return to the old system. I absolutely don’t want to waste my time on very basic and endlessly repeated exercises.

I like the new update but agree that a sense of accomplishment was stripped away. The aesthetic drive to fill up those gold icons was a big motivating factor for me and now it feels like an empty victory to learn a new skill. Also, taking away the ability to test out for new skills makes it such a pain to master trees for languages we're already fluent in prior to joining Duolingo.

Update: Coming back from trying out the new system, I gotta say, I'm a believer. The crown system has improved my learning. HOWEVER, I still have gripe with how difficult it is to test out for new skills on languages we already know. I see how tricky is it to reconcile the two things, but I hope that the Duolingo team comes up with a great solution. Cheering for you all!

I personally love it because it gives me both short- and long-term goals. I'm focusing on the number of crowns for each level, not getting through each crown, if that makes sense.

Hey there. I have a friend who liked the owl logo bringing up its wings when the goal was fulfilled. Ha ha. You will get one new user here if you bring back the owl. Thanks!
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Please do not forget to read about Crowns FAQ

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