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Pronouncing The Letter "R" in German

Hello everyone,

Here's what I learnt about the German letter "R", and how it's pronounced.

The letter "R" has different pronunciations depending on it's position in a word.

RULE 1: If the first letter of a syllable is an "R" then you have to pronounce it "rrr" (it's guttural, kind of like you're gargling water).

RULE 2: After voiced consonants you also have to pronounce it "rrr".

(the next one is rather difficult to describe, though I'll try my best.)

RULE 3: When "R" follows an unvoiced consonant then you have to pronounce it similar to when something is dragged on gravel (it's also guttural), or like the sound of rain, if that makes any sense.

RULE 4: Before vowels the "R" is pronounced "rrr".

RULE 5: At the end of a syllable, the "R" basically becomes silent, it sounds more like an "Ah".

RULE 6: At the end of a word the "R" also sounds like an "Ah".

RULE 7: Before consonants the "R" is also pronounced "Ah".

Have fun! AP4418

April 7, 2018

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Try with some videos, as just describing the sound is rather difficult:

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