"Portugal is a small country in Europe."

Translation:Le Portugal est un petit pays d'Europe.

April 7, 2018

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"le portugal est un petit pays en europe".. why not?


Edited 23 Oct 2019.

See alanvoe's answer later on in the discussion, giving a link to an explanation.


I answered the same and dont see why it's wrong but I would never fully trust google translate. It takes things too literal and doesnt know the rules such as PAYS. I suppose in english its "in europe" but in french ithas to be "of europe"


Hi wave002, although in general you're right. Google translate has come a long way. Back in school, I learned that the correct way to say in Europe is en Europe. It is absolutely correct to say en Europe and should be accepted. But de is preferred because it strongly communicates possession "l'appartenance", maybe that's why it is the correct translation. In general, en and de can be interchanged in many cases. De surcroît, en surcroît, de plus, en plus ... It's a matter of preference and it seems that De is more popular in this day and age.


Searching on both reverso and linguee, it appears that both "un pays en europe" and "un pays d'europe" are acceptable. There may well be a nuance that causes "d'europe" to be preferable in this context, however. Mods?


Although gramatically correct, "Portugal est un petit pays en Europe" is not idiomatic. Reference: https://french.stackexchange.com/questions/33339/why-is-en-europe-wrong-in-le-portugal-est-un-petit-pays-deurope


I would like to know, too. Will a MOD please help? Thanks.


Me too: why not en Europe? MOD, can you explain this please? Thanks.


Why not finishing with "dans l'Europe"?


Can "Le Portugal est un petit pays en Europe" be correct? -Thank you


"in Europe" means "en Europe". " un pays d'Europe" means " a European country"


First, "European country" = "pays européen". Second, there is no difference in meaning between "a country in Europe" and "an European country".


"Le Portugal est un petit pays en Europe" has to fit. please, correct!


i write it with 'le' it's not accepted, i write it without 'le' it's also not accepted


In French, the definite article is required when referring to most countries. Exceptions: Cuba, Madagascar, Monaco.

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