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Uh-oh. Crown levels...

Duolingo thoughtfully "updated" me to Crown Levels today.

It LOOKS like I've lost all my previously "gold" skills, and I don't see a "strengthen" option now. And there may be other changes I haven't discovered yet. For the moment, though...

Do I really have to repeat every...single...lesson to get back to being all "gold" up to my current skill in the tree? And if I want to do "strengthening" exercises, which I've done A LOT, is it only possible to do that by repeating every... single... exercise in every... single... skill?

I know this is a Duolingo Thing, not a Czech Course Thing, so I don't expect the contributors to have the answers. But I hope someone can point me to a general source of information on the new system. Thanks in advance for any help!

April 7, 2018



I agree. I am absolutely disappointed


Dude, it doesn't HAVE to be in gold anymore. It's just cool if it is. I love the new system because I no longer have to wake up in the morning only to find that I need to strengthen 12 skills (not even kidding, that happened to me recently).


I do like that part of the new system because sometimes I would spend so much time getting everything gold I had no time to do new lessons.


I like some things about the crown system and I don't like some things. I am glad that the changed the colors of the different levels now. It is easier to see and feel more satisfaction. They are not all gold but now I have some blue levels, some green levels, some red levels and some purple levels. I feel like I am making more noticeable progress.


I was hoping since it's still in Beta it wouldn't change. Now that it has, I guess I have to work with what they've got. They really need an option to test out different levels. On the positive side because I want to get to level 5, I took lots of tests on easy topics and got 400 points rather quickly.


There is a crowns faq: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26739837

I am getting used to them, but it makes it harder to know which skills to go back and practice. I am trying to focus on new skills and gradually leveling up old skills one by one.


I am glad that this happened. Rather than trying to keep everything gold, I am going back through every lesson and learning them much better.


Thanks to those who commented, and especially for the link to the Crown FAQ. I'm glad I'm not the ONLY one who didn't immediately jump on the Crown Levels bandwagon!

I guess I'm adjusting to the new system, because I no longer get hysterical at the thought of doing everything all over again. (Yes, as someone suggested, I don't really HAVE to make everything gold, but... old habits die hard.)

One thing I especially liked about the old system was being able to redo specific lessons on an ad hoc basis, and it doesn't look like that's possible now (or maybe I just haven't found it). So that's kind of a bummer.

I like the new word bank feature! But I also think it may make things a little too easy going from English to Czech -- I feel like I'm just "recognizing" the words to use, rather than "generating" the words to use. (I'll have to force myself to use the keyboard, at least from time to time...)

It's also handy to be able to rack up points quickly on the early skills, if I don't have a lot of time and don't want to break my streak! :-)

Also, for anyone who didn't wade through the zillion comments to the FAQ, fairly early on someone mentioned a third-party site that's supposed to allow for doing some things in the old way. I haven't tried it yet, so I don't know what it really has to offer, but the link is:



fyi, if you're bummed out that the skill-specific timed practice is mia till crown 5, just pretend you are starting another go of the skill and edit the terminal digit in the url to read "practice", enter, voila.


Ooooh... brilliant!!!


I just started Conjunctions 2 -- which, it appears, is actually Conditionals -- and I'm pretty confused. So I wanted to repeat the Level 1 lessons before going on to Level 2. I tried to do this by using the "change the last digit" method you described, but it always takes me directly to the next lesson instead. Is there another way to repeat lessons under the Crown Levels scheme? Thanks!


I tried it with my conjunctions 2 (I am on level 2) and replacing the last digit with practice and it worked for me. Maybe it's something with level 1?


Thanks! Did that let you "practice" only the exercises you'd already completed in Conjunctions 2, or did it also give you sentences that you hadn't seen before? I feel like I'm drowning in "aby-s" and "kdyby-s"!

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