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How do you think the Crown system can be improved?

I actually really like the idea of the Crown system. I think it's awesome that the lessons increase in difficulty the more you repeat a certain skill.

However, I think there are some major issues with the update which are really putting me off continuing with this app. I commented this on another thread, but I'll post my thoughts here to see what you all think:

1) Skills no longer decay. Previously, I would practice any skills which had lost their gold status before learning new content. This was great for guiding me to practice the words which I had not practiced in a long time, helping to reinforce them in my memory. Now I have no way of seeing which skills I ought to re-do.

2) The strengthen lessons (the Dumbell icon) feel useless now. Although they will allow me to practice words which I am weak on, these lessons do not count towards advancing crown levels for particular skills. (Compare this to the previous way in which completing Dumbell lessons would re-gild skills which had lost their gold status, allowing me to visualise my progress.)

3) The number of repetitions required to reach Crown Levels 4 or 5 and access the more difficult exercises is ridiculous. It is tedious and repetitive to have to do 20 or even 30 lessons of the same skill just to level it up so I can access the more difficult questions. There should either be fewer lessons required to level up, or a "test out" feature which allows you to automatically level up based on your proficiency in that skill.

4) The word previews for each lesson are gone. I used to use these to teach myself the definitions and genders of the new nouns I would be learning before jumping into the lessons. Now I can no longer do this. Also, sometimes I want to practice a particular word, but now I cannot find the specific lesson containing that word.

5) I personally do not care too much about the aesthetics of having my entire language tree turn gold. However, I know for a lot of people that this was a huge motivator for them to keep practicing, so I can understand their disappointment. I can also see why veteran players are upset, given that they have invested a lot of time into gilding all of their skills but have now lost it all.

What do you all think? Is the Crown system positive or negative for your learning?

April 7, 2018



The terrible thing is that you don't know where to start . It overwhelms me so much! WHat should we do?


What I'm currently doing each day is: 2 or 3 Dumbell lessons (to refresh old content) followed by 2 or 3 new lessons (to learn new skills and continue my progress down the tree).

It feels far too boring and repetitive to try to increase the Crown Levels of skills I have already learned, so I'm not doing that for now.

I agree that the new interface feels very overwhelming, though! I miss the simplicity of the old interface. It was so easy to see which skills I needed to refresh my knowledge of, by quickly checking for icons which had lost their gold. :(


I have only just started, but I can see what your point will be to me on #3. The number of lessons should not continue to be so many even though you are only attempting to gain proficiency. Make it a smarter drill, instead of it appearing simply tedious each time.


Absolutely - this is especially the case for the earlier lessons. It's ludicrous to have to repeat something as simple as "Ein Mann, eine Frau" etc over 20 times!


The thing is that it's poorly structured. Perhaps it's ok for brginners, but not for those of us who already know German, and are here to become 100% fluent. Meiner Meinung, es ist ziemlich furchtbar.

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