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"Du und Mama haben sich scheiden lassen"

In the Duolingo story "Verschlossenes Badezimmer" there is the following sentence: "Du und Mama haben sich scheiden lassen". Is it correct? Shouldn't it be "Du und Mama habt euch scheiden lassen"?

April 7, 2018



i (as a native german) would prefer the second. "Du und Mama habt euch scheiden lassen" "Du und Mama haben sich scheiden lassen" sounds weird to me and i have never heard it that way. the other one (Du und Mama habt euch scheiden lassen) is way more common. i would never use "sich" when i am adressing a person directly.(well yes when using formal speech. [connected with the 2. person sing. formal] but you wouldn't use formal speech with your parents, right?) on the other hand i would use "sich" when telling a friend about my parents divorce like : "Mama und Papa haben sich scheiden lassen".- "mom and dad got (themselves) divorced"


Danke für deine Antwort!


habt euch seems correct to me, it's 2nd person plural, whereas the other alternative would be 3rd person plural.


Technically "Du und Mama" is a group of people, that is addressed with 2nd pers. plural, even if just a part of it is present. So only "habt euch" is correct. I'd guess that the author used this "childish" "haben sich" as a mean of style.

You can easily see that "sich" ich wrong if you replace "Du und Mama" by the proper pronoun, that is "ihr": "Ihr habt euch scheiden lassen", whereas "Ihr habt sich scheiden lassen" is simply wrong. You would not address someone in plain, informal speech ("Du") with "sie/Sie", so it can't be "Sie haben sich scheiden lassen".

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