"The queen was coming and going, eating bread and jam."

Translation:La reine allait et venait, mangeant du pain et de la confiture.

April 7, 2018

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Wouldn't venait come before allait?


Literally, yes. However, idiomatically, French people say aller et venir whereas English-speaking people say to come and go. I would accept the translation venait et allait, but the best way to phrase is by the sentence given in the exercise.


Please stop switching around coming and going for English-speaking people. We American English say this phrase either way, coming and going, going and coming, it doesn't matter. So it would be easier for us to learn if we just translated the way we see it written, thank you.

Although I cannot speak for the British. They may say the phrase only one way. I don't know.


really not tho, in english we say coming and going, not going and coming, its a good thing to learn this difference to sound and be more french ! I appreciate this level of detail

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