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  5. I want the bots back!!


I want the bots back!!

I loved the feature of bots because it enables you to have a conversation without the stress of making mistakes, since you are not talking to a real person. They also camed in different topics, like birthdays, shopping, etc. They had additional vocabulary. It was a lot of fun and I would like to have them back.

And... why were they taken out?

Thank you.

April 7, 2018



I agree! I loved the bots. They weren't perfect, but they were fun to use and practice speaking skills with.


Me too! I miss my bots! Bots and stories are my favourite features! After grammar drills I would reward myself with a bots conversation. Sure they were glitchy sometimes, but overall a great learning tool.


I am fairly new to Duolingo, so the change to crowns has not been quite so disruptive for me - though I did find it excruciating to have to go through the mindnumbing repetitions of ‘rich and calm men’ et cetera in the basics levels. But I too loved the bots. I thought it was a brilliant way of forcing learners to form and speak sentences on the hoof, as it were, as part of real-life conversations - a much harder activity than translating by typing and arguably a more immediately useful skill to have under one’s belt. Replying to the bots really gave my brain a workout, and I enjoyed the variety of approaches in the previous system. From what I have seen of the new system so far, there seems to be much less variation in learning approach. I really hope the developers bring back the bots soon. I very much enjoy the stories too, and hope these don’t disappear in the new system!


I agree with you totally. Speaking and interacting helps me learn the most - it cements the language in your mind. The bots were helpful for actually learning the language.


Just agreeing with all the pro-bots comments here, having been diverted here from another thread. Let’s hope we can help bring action!


Redirected here from a similar thread. I know the bots might have been experimental, but I really hope Duolingo brings back the bots. They were really helpful for developing conversational skills and fun to complete. Obviously there was room to improve, but I don't think they were given a fair chance. They weren't available on Andriod and unlike the stories there were only a couple new bots a week. I don't know about other people, but I would hold off in completing them all right away so I could save some for later in the week.


Also I would like to know why they removed the bots, they were really useful.


Please bring back the bots! I was looking forward to trying them in German, because I feel that I have just attained enough proficiency to benefit from them.


Just want to throw in my "Bring back the Bots!" sentiment as well!


I also loved the bots SO much and found them very helpful. I was so sad to find them gone!


It took me a while to get into the bots but I do miss them now they’re gone even though there weren’t a lot of them.


Duolingo seems to be quite silent on the disappearance of the bots. Why did they remove them????


Just speculation, but it could be a small test to see what happens when they are removed given other recent changes. They're gone for me, too, but the fact that this thread hasn't attracted much of a following indicates that maybe this isn't something that affects all that many. (Of course app-focused users are much less likely to turn up in the forums.)


So, a bait and switch?


I have no idea if this was intended or not, but there is no guarantee that features introduced will be maintained forever. Bots are obviously a pretty unique feature of Duolingo, perhaps pretty far away technology-wise from most of what Duolingo does. They apparently haven't been popular enough to even make it worthwhile to expand them to Android. If they were really a usage driver, I suspect they would have been.

If people are e.g. liking skill levels a lot more than they ever liked bots, Duolingo might well find it worthwhile to redirect staff energy to working on the many remaining issues there over further development of bots. Sure, they could just leave them in place for now, but over time things need to be maintained just to keep working, so even such maintenance can eventually not be worth the effort (just look at Immersion and Activity streams).


Oh, that explains why some people never had them in the first place. They probably have Android instead of ios.


you are learning a whole lotta languages there


Yeah the bots were a lot of fun, and I not against the crown system, but why replace the bots with it?!


I agree! The loss of bots is horrible for me - they were my favorite part of the app and the only part where you can offer answers that are not strictly linear. Without bots, I've started looking for other apps to fill the "language speaking" void. Duolingo is too written-language focused. We definitely need more speaking practice.


Duolingo is a great app, but also in my opinion the bots were the best part of it.


Yes, just so that my voice is not lost, I totally agree. The bots were a useful learning tool. Please bring them back.


I TOTALLY AGREE! I seriously did not mind getting the Crown leveling system. While it annoyed me that I could not see my estimated fluency level, I was happy to see something new. It did not bother me much until I noticed that the chatbots left! These bots must have taken a seriously long time to program and make available. Why would Duolingo take them away? They were really helpful for learning German and I am curious and upset as to why they would remove them from the app.


There's an app called Memrise that has a similar feature to the bots on Duolingo. There are some premium options but the free one is just fine on its own. I feel like the vocabulary is handled a bit better.


I also loved the bots. It really helped me on the grammar portions of language learning, but they also help with speaking too. I saw a FAQ answer on Duolingo, that said they'd bring it back soon though:



Me too, the bots were amazing!


I liked the bots. I'd like them back too.


I don't know the bots but i want them back.


I used to go on duoling LITERALLY EVERY DAY but when the bots went the fun went with them i feel like crowns is too much.



Any news on when the bots will be back? Clearly a lot of users were very keen on them! Please bring the bots back :)


I hope this is true. They were a nice tool.


I agree. I see the faq says something is in the works for the bots, but that was back in April. The bot practice was what really set this app apart from others. I sincerely hope the feature comes back soon!


I am just throwing my comment in too. This post is over a year old and I still don’t see bots back on iOS. Still miss them and would appreciate if Duolingo could bring them back.


More than a year later, I miss the bots still. They were quite useful specially since there is nobody I can practice my French with. Still have saved screenshots.

I reckon they weren't that popular because apparently they were on iOS only and even there not marketted enough.

Can't you Duo guys at least bring the existing set back for those of us who want to go through the conversations again? Put on the iOS or on desktop in a separate tab like Stories and Podcasts? No need to maintain, just leave there as archive practice!



I agree that the revised Bots were pretty good and simulated conversation practice. Conversation practice is missing from Duolingo. The clubs have improved and I do intentionally try to stimulate conversation with the other club members.


I completely agree, I want the bots back as well. I actually stopped using Duolingo all together because of the bots being taken out. They were a major part of my learning and practice. I’ve been keeping an eye ever since hoping that they will come back.


Yes. I have been looking for these, as well.


I am a relatively new user, but I decided to use Duo because I heard about the amazing "bot" feature and downloaded the iOs app just so I could have access to it. I then scrutinized the entire app trying to find the feature...After reading all of these comments, I realized that it doesn't exist anymore! I'm sure everyone else feels equally disappointed and confused by this.

I really would appreciate it if somebody from Duo would make an UPDATED, OFFICIAL STATEMENT ABOUT THE BOTS AND WHEN/IF THEY'LL RETURN (I did read the Help Center post but it didn't elaborate much).


Hi all. All the comments on all the threads that relate to the missing bots are from a year ago. Is there a more recent update on the return of the bots please Duolingo team?


I want the bots and for ANDROID !!! give back my bots! (do they ever were on android? :) I dont know I just knew about this feature, It seems wonderful though)


The bots were getting offended by some of the comments


I love love loved the bots. They were so useful and I wished Duolingo would put them back. I understand that newer attendees might not care but I had a lot of Plus member friends that quit because of it. Bring the Bots back please!


I absolutely loved the bots! BRING THEM BACK PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE!


The bots were the coolest thing duo ever did. Make them better and bring them back!


I completely missed the bots feature, and I want them back! The best way to learn a language is to use it in a normal, daily way. The bots provided that learning style. Especially if they were like everyday conversations I could have with myself. Like, how much longer are you gonna be, and what else do you need to do before you're ready?

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