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Multi-choice questions


I'm wondering why multi-choice questions say something like 'select all correct translations' yet there is only one answer. Can someone elaborate on this as I am unsure whether this is deliberate, a glitch or something that's gone unnoticed.

Merci pour lisent!


April 7, 2018



I have already had questions that had two correct answers. At first I was surprised because I was sure that my answer was correct -- until I realized that there was a second correct option.


Thank you for sharing your experiences :-D


hello Isaac , sometimes there are two options possible. For instance when the English "you" is used. While in English there's no difference between singular and plural, in other languages there is. (tu / vous in French as you certainly know, or tu / ustedes in Spanish) In those cases two answers are possible and sometimes presented. Admittedly lately I haven't seen it occur as much as it did.


You're welcome. Have a nice weekend

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