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  5. "I am not drinking beer."

"I am not drinking beer."

Translation:Nepiju pivo.

April 7, 2018



I am confused. It was said in some previous lesson that I drink is "piji", and you can use "piju", but it's unformal. But why then I don't drink is "nepiju", not "nepiji"?


You said it yourself. More formal: (ne)piji, less formal: (ne)piju

You can use either, but the -ji ending is quite formal. Too formal for basic casual speech, even though some native Czech speakers suggest that it is not standard enough for them in some of these discussions. Do not listen to them. It is standard.


I was just confused that in previous lessons Duolingo wanted me to use "pijí", and now it's "pijou". OK. I got it. Thanks.


That's the same difference, only in the third person plural.

  • I drink --- formal: piji, informal: piju
  • They drink --- formal: pijí, informal: pijou

Adding "ne-" just negates the verb, everything else works the same way.


This is not right as Nepiju pivo would be I dont drink beer. I am not drinking beer refers to current action I am doing so it would make sense to use "ted" or "nyní" or "právě" to imply the current action occuring.


You are not correct. Nepiju pivo is a completely cromulent translation. No additional adverb is needed. In Czech some senteces are ambiguous when it comes to translating to English progressive or English simple tenses.

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