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New crown system makes it hard to stay motivated

I finished the Danish tree a while ago. The past month, I've been on a quest to turn the whole tree gold again and keep it gold. With the upgrade (?), that quest is no longer possible. Instead, I have to look closely to see which crowns are only 1s so I can turn them to 2s. The visual satisfaction which played a big part in motivating me is no longer there.

Repeating the tree over and over again instead of popping around to strengthen skills is really dispiriting Ultimately, more practice may be better for language learning, but if I'm not motivated to do the practice, then it doesn't work.

Boo, Duolingo. Very disappointed.

April 7, 2018



I also dislike the crowns system. The word list for each lesson allowed me to make a Memrise course that covered all the words in the tree. Now I can't do that, so it essentially makes Duolingo useless. I needed to use Memrise with it anyway, but this makes Duolingo less enjoyable and usable, and has also really hit my motivation levels.


I would love it, if the Duolingo staff could give the new system the functionality of the previous system back. That's why I've created this post; please check it out:

"Suggestion: How everyone would love the Crowns :)" https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26860873


Somewhere on the forums, I found an (unofficial) page that helps with this! https://www.duolingo.eu/yourusername/progress

If you click on the name of a lesson, it goes to the page with the sub-lessons and word lists =). It looks like there's a "test out" option for the crowns, but passing the test doesn't seem to work yet.

It's also nice that the page shows what the strength for each lesson is, and lets you practice those that wouldn't have been gold (with the old system).


Duolingo should makes a word list for each lesson....the"words" part is so useless...by the way there are some new words in "words" part that i never had seen on lessons :( i remember i was learning German before crown system things and i went to the words part and saw some new words .it was terrible and i just left learning German ....but now i started to learn french and i use other sites and books for learning

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For me, it’s the opposite. After finishing the Danish tree, I went through the motions just to keep my streak alive. Even there I questioned why I was doing that, but I figured a little review every day couldn’t hurt, but I wouldn’t be terribly upset if I lost my streak (happened before). I also didn’t find the task of keeping the tree golden that motivating, it seemed almost like a burden because I felt that some rather unimportant, easy topics had to be reviewed a short time after I justed finished them again. Maybe I made more typos in them, I don’t know. And if you cannot spend enough time every day, half of the tree changes back very quickly and all your gold efforts are gone. Very frustrating!

Of course, the more basic skills are boring, so I don’t waste time on them. But I like that you get more and also new sentences at the later levels. And I switched to the online version to use only typing for an additional learning/motivating aspect. I just wish we could enable the only typing option only for the target side.

They said they are working on a solution to make the words/content accessible again in the future.

Yeah, Duolingo! Motivated again!


You can see which of your skills are and are not golden from the unofficial Duolingo.eu website: https://www.duolingo.eu/beezenees/progress . It should update once a week or few times a day, depending on unrelated things.

(Others should replace your username with theirs.)


I HATE this system, can't we have the old system as optional? :/


I feel the same way, but I also like Crowns at the same time!

I mean, Crowns get you more XP but you're right - you don't get really motivated. In fact, my parents told me that if I got the skills on Italian all golden (I took a month break and now I'm really slipping), they'd take me out for a slushie. Now I can't do that, and that ends my motivation. I'm in the middle.


Crowns is terrible. I'm done with Duolingo until they return to the old system.

The primary problem for me is the complete lack of visual motivation. The old system was intuitive. Turn the tree gold. That's it. Complete the lessons and keep them fresh, and they turn gold. This new system looks a complete mess. The design element is trash. Intuitiveness is completely gone.

Duolingo has tried to gamify the system more and more with gems, badges, etc. But they've lost sight of what gained them users in the first place--people just want to learn a new language. Keep it simple.

Very disappointed with Duolingo on this. They had a great product, but it's gone now. In it's place is just another "free" app that begs for cash, incessantly. Don't call your app free and then require payment to simply learn.

With the new system, mistakes get your account locked for 25 hours. You can of course pay to regain access, but this completely defeats the point of free learning. Learning requires mistakes. If I have to avoid mistakes to keep using Duolingo, then I will not push to continue learning. The Crowns system penalizes mistakes.

Want to keep learning? Just pay up. Duolingo is effectively not a free app anymore. And there are plenty of paid language learning systems that are more rewarding and effective than Duo in the Crowns format.

See ya Duo. You were good while you lasted--but I guess it was more important to extract fees from your users than to continue being awesome.

[deactivated user]

    very well said..I am also done with Duolingo as well,I’m checking it once in a while to see whether they reverted the crown system and that‘s it,not doing any more lessons ..good old Youtube is better than this crap -.-


    For the first crown I had to do 5 lessons, now for the fifth crown it is giving me 25 lessons. Many are repetitions. Feeling depressed. Before I could choose how to repeat lessons. I am going to give it a few more days then start looking for an alternative :(

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    I think an important aspect is that the crown system makes more sense using a rather different approach than the previous one. With the old system, you had to master one skill completely before you could move on. Now, it is even

    not recommended (!!!)

    to spend all your time on one and the same skill until you've mastered level 5. The concept of the learning system/strategy has changed big time.

    I think most, if not all, of us will agree that working on one particular skill can get a bit tedious, although the repetitions also help to remember everything better. (And the higher levels keep me "entertained" even with their repetitions, using the keyboard function exclusively.) But you can move on to a higher level after passing the first level of each skill. If you have mastered all skills before, the entire tree is your playground. There is absolutely no need to repeat "a boy and a girl" ad nauseam! You're only punishing yourself. Whenever you feel a particular skill is getting boring/too repetitive or you know it inside out, just continue with a different one and just revisit this skill once in a while to refresh and/or make progress.

    I am glad that I don't have to repeat for instance all the clothing items which I probably will never ever forget again anyways, just to keep the skill golden. This frees me up to focus on the skills that actually need more practice.

    The time previously spent on practicing can now be used pretty much in the same way. But instead of clicking on the practice button, you now simply continue with the next section of the skill and actually make progress while practicing. Once you've reached/finished level 5, you can continue working on this skill via the familiar practice button.


    I move to the next skill as soon as I reach the threshold level in the current crowns system. That way I get to move on to new skills without having to turn a skill completely golden. If I want to go in more depth (through repetitive practice), I go back to those yet-to-be-golden skills and practice from where I left off. I work on some until they turn gold while I leave some for later.

    It works for me. But I understand that we learn in different ways. So, naturally no one way of doing things is better than the other.

    But good luck with your learning process. I hope you will get used to the new system soon!

    Held og lykke! :)


    That's why I use Babbel.


    I like the new crown system, not so much for the crown, as for the endless lessons. I want to learn the language and the old system was limited. I now feel there are lots of resources in duolingo.


    The idea that a proficient speaker in a language she go practice the "basics" like what the pronouns are is completely idiotic. I don't want to go practice how to say "he" in Italian—I'm quite past that now; that's not something I need to practice anymore. This crown system suggests that I should by saying I'm only a level 1 in the basics. Completely stupid.

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