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"Co se stalo, když vystoupila z vlaku?"

Translation:What happened once she got off the train?

April 7, 2018



Why is 'what happened when she got off the train'? 'when' is one meaning of 'když'.


'what happened when she got off the train' is accepted and we have no report for this form. If something that should be accepted is not accepted for you, do use the "My answer should have been accepted".


Was it intended that this sentence appeared twice in an exercise. One translation was 'what happened when she got off the train' and and the same sentence immediately after was translated with 'what happened while she was getting off the train'?


These are two different sentences and one uses the perfective vystoupila while the other uses the imperfective vystupovala.


Now it is completely clear. Thank you!


Would “jakmile” work in this sentence in place of “když”, and if so, which word would be more common?


Yes. I do not know.

Jakmile is more like "as soon as", když is more like "when". You can use more here.


What happened once she got off the train? is not accepted as an answer, and neither the other one. cant finish the lesson :O


"What happened once she got off the train" is literally the official translation. If it wasn't accepted file a bug with the developers, the contributors can't do anything more.

However, you may have answered "What happened once she got off of the train?", that is a bit different. At least we have a very recent report like that.


Does "když" mean "at the time that"? If so, "once" is a poor translation because it means "immediately after".


"když" is irrelevant.

The perfective aspect in "vystoupila" means the action is completed, so it cannot be "at the time that", it must be "immediately after the action was completed"

If we used the imperfective "když vystupovala", the action would be in progress and it would hence mean "at the time that"...

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