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  5. "We are warriors."

"We are warriors."

Translation:SuvwI' maH.

April 7, 2018



why is not warriors written as SuvwI'pu'?


Plural suffixes are usually optional in Klingon. Where the listener can figure out whether singular or plural is intended, or where it doesn't matter whether it's singular or plural, you can just drop the plural suffix.

In this sentence, the maH makes it clear that you're talking about multiple people, so SuvwI' maH must mean We are warriors. The -pu' is optional.


So technically both translations should be validated. I find it quite disturbing to skip around with pl. Suffixes and being told afterwards it's incorrect... Sry for my english


In fact, the system does accept both answers. If you were marked wrong it was for something else. If you believe you had it perfect, then we will need a screen shot to show the programmers and see if they can figure out what went wrong.


So technically both translations should be validated.

Both translations are accepted -- you can type either SuvwI' maH or SuvwI'pu' maH.


No pronunciation available here yet.


Recording is complete on the exercise, so you should hear it. Thanks for letting us know about what seems to be a bug.


The places where I've noticed the pronunciation missing are in the reviews of each phrase, on the pages where there are comments.

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