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Just got converted to crowns - this looks good so far

I finally got converted to the crowns system and this seems like a good improvement to me.

I started working on my German tree sometime in June last year and completed the tree in a bit under three months (I had studied German in high school long ago). I have then kept my tree golden (almost) every day since but very rarely done more practice than needed for that.

After the crown conversion, all my skills had two crowns and 16 (distributed all over the tree) had three crowns (and the bonus skills were golden, with one crown each). I've noticed new sentences appearing when practicing lately and when I now work on new levels of skills I see them as well. This seems like a good way to let me know which of the skills that have content that I haven't seen while still letting me work on skills that I feel need work.

I've read that there currently is no decay on golden skills with crowns. I assume that this is being worked on since it feels like a core duolingo feature, but since I now suddenly have a lot of new content to work through it'll take a little while before I need the decay function anyway.

April 7, 2018



Yes,I love it too.

After reaching level 25 in German I lost motivation,but crowns are new challenge for me.


It's exactly the same for me in French and Spanish (ah, no, not the same: I only completed the trees, not level 25!). I'm so happy about the open display of my skills crownflower garden. ....


I also like the new system more; I was given new incentive, after hardly doing one or two sessions a day for months, I suddenly did like 900 xp today!


I agree. I recently came back to Duolingo (after completing my tree 6 or so months ago and getting too busy to practice regularly) and I like the new change. It seems to provide the much needed change that more advanced learners were asking for. They mentioned in their FAQ that they are working on implementing a spaced repetition function again. Hopefully this doesn't take too long as the decaying skills were a core function of Duolingo's teaching.


I've only had the crowns for a couple of days. I'm not sure how it will work out in the long run, but right now I'm doing a lot more practice, just to explore the new system.

So far it seems awfully repetitive for me in the languages/skills where I'm stronger but I think it will be helpful where I'm not that advanced. Since I've been laddering languages, there are really endless possbilities of skills to choose from.


I'm really enjoying the option to work towards more target-language typing - for me the English-heavy inputs were one of Duolingo's greatest weaknesses and now I feel we have the best of both worlds.


There IS a decay of words and non-golden skills - it just is not visible in the "crown overlay" BETA code: http://duolingo.eu/hanspersson/progress

But there are workarounds as described in other threads.


I found that in a different thread. Great page!

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