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If you want to revert from Crown Levels, here's how to do it

Duolingo have just introduced a new interface centered around Crown Levels, and while Duolingo say it's much more effective, most Duolingo users seem to be complaining about it here and on the Google Play Store. If you're one of these people, then good news - I've found a way to revert from the Crown Levels interface to the old one with gold levels and the Fluency indicator.

For Android: First of all, you need to delete Duolingo, but don't worry, you won't lose any of your progress as Duolingo backs up all your progress to the cloud. Then you need to download an old version of the app, as an APK, from here: www.apkmirror.com/apk/duolingo/duolingo-duolingo/duolingo-duolingo-3-56-1-release/duolingo-learn-languages-free-3-56-1-android-apk-download/. It seems safe, and APKMirror is a well known and trusted source of APKs, so it should be totally safe. Tap the green rectangle that says 'DOWNLOAD APK' under 'Verified safe to install', not any ads or newer APKs elsewhere on the page. It'll auto-download - tap OK if you get a security prompt, and then go to Downloads in your browser and open the APK. Tap INSTALL and then tap SETTINGS if you get a security prompt (if you're not on Oreo, tap the toggle next to Unknown Sources to turn it on, tick Allow this installation only and then tap OK. If you're on Oreo, tap the toggle and then after installation, go back into Settings, tap Apps, find your browser, go into the Install Unknown Apps setting and turn off the toggle). Then tap INSTALL again. You now have Duolingo installed - open it, log in and you should have all of your progress restored but without the Crown Levels! Make sure you go into the Google Play Store, go to Duolingo's page, tap the three dots and turn off Auto Updates. This means that you won't receive any updates to it. This means you'll never receive Crown Levels, but that you won't receive any new features or languages. If you do want to go forward to the latest version of Duolingo, to use a new feature or once the Crown Levels interface is improved, just delete Duolingo and reinstall it from the Play Store.

For iOS: You can revert to the old interface by going back to an old version of the app if you've used Duolingo for a while. Google 'ios revert app update' for instructions, and as long as you've used Duolingo since before the Crown Levels code was added, you should have the old interface back. If not, unfortunately there's nothing you can do.

On the web: I haven't yet found a way to revert back on the web app, but if you're a computer user you could use an Android emulator like this one - http://www.andyroid.net - to run Duolingo on your computer by starting it up and following the Android instructions above. FieryCat posted a method to revert back on the web version a while back (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26677923/Disable-Enable-The-Crowns-Feature), but apparently it doesn't work anymore, though you could try it.

Hope these methods work for you.

April 7, 2018



I agree, the new version stinks. They're already losing users!! Sad that we have to resort to using backups to get to the version that everyone seemed to like. =[


While we can ... i believe it s not for long


That's true. Maybe they could set up an option for using the new or old version. Like a an "easy" vs. "hard" mode


Version 3.60 is the last one without crowns and is fully functional, except for minor mods that appear later as club anounces, questions, access to club members profiles and really, not much to miss.

To use that or even crowns if you want(with all previous versions) you just have to update, nothing more and to remove crowns again then uninstall the new one and reinstall the previous one... at will. You will become experts, believe me, i tested them all and keep just 3.

3.23 the very first without adds 3.50 the lastone with extra units (were removed for many languages) and a club record much longer that it is today and 3.60 you can copy and paste, the clubs are almost the same with 50 members, no crowns and you still can press your back button before the add appears when you finish a lesson.

if you want i made a very short changelog some time ago with all that, it must be here... somewhere


How about for PC users? I could not imagine using an app on a phone or tablet and have to 'touch screen peck' out the words. Let alone the spell correction issues. I use this with my laptop, and the 'crown down' is almost useless in terms of measuring progress and maintaining fluency, at least as far as I have seen. If you have any news for us poor doomed PC users, please let me know. Thanks.

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Duolingo doesn't care about its desktop users.


Will do, will take a look at that.


You could use an Android emulator like this one - www.andyroid.net - to run Duolingo on your computer by starting it up and following the instructions above. I haven't found any way to revert Crowns on the web version yet - FieryCat posted a method a while back (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26677923/Disable-Enable-The-Crowns-Feature), but apparently it doesn't work anymore, though you could try it.


Thanks so much


Oh god, thank you SO much, I hated the crown rubbish!


Unfortunately running old App versions means security holes won't be fixed and when they do another data file format change, you're likely to be stuck. Better solution is to use DuoLingo less and install Clozemaster & Memrise


Yes it's a temporary solution, but it lets us use the old Duolingo for a bit longer instead of just quitting now because of Crown Levels. Some users are big fans of Duolingo and don't want to quit yet, and if anything, it lets us find a good alternative to Duolingo that we're happy with before having to leave. It'll work for at least a few more months - I heard that they're going to change the lessons a little later this year, so this version will possibly stop working then, and Duolingo are probably able to block this version from working if they realise lots of people are using it to avoid Crown Levels, but I don't remember any Duolingo security issues in the past so this is unlikely, and most security issues would be related to the cloud system rather than the app and would be fixed for all versions.


Does not work in IOS, I went back 3 versions using my Time Machine backups of the ipa file. All three show Crown system, so it must be associated with my user name. Just downloaded Babble app and will try that, since I have to start all over anyway. BOOOO to Duolingo, this is no way to treat 2 year veterans!!!


Sorry about that, you might not have an old enough version backed up as the code was added some time late last year so any versions after then would show the Crowns now the feature has been activated. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do until Duolingo does something about the new interface, and I've heard Babbel is great so good luck with it!


"This means that as you have an old APK of Duolingo, you won't receive any updates to it" - yes you will get an update as it just happened to me. Even though the app was not downloaded from Google Play Store you will still find it listed under My apps & games in the Play Store app and so it will get updated. You have to go to settings and set Auto-update apps to "Do not auto-update apps" to avoid this.


Sorry about that, didn't realize Google Play updates APKs - it actually updated my APK recently. Will change the post to tell people to turn off auto updates for the app.


Thank you so much for this! Just a question, though. I won't be able to receive any new languages that are launched either , right?


I don't think so, as new languages seem to be activated by app updates.


Well, thank you for your effort! Let's hope the crown system improves soon. Until then, this will surely give me the motivation to keep going.


Same for me, I was very relieved when I found this.


Thanks a bunch. I was able to make this work on my Fire tablet.


Thank you! ¡Muchas gracias! Tusind tak for det!


Thank you. Thank you Thank you. Se funciono! Muchas gracias!!


And another thank you! It is running on my tablet now! Now I need to get as many of the word lists copied off as I can while it still works.


This new version is awful. Percentage meter gone...why? I’m out!


Thank you so much! I hate the crowns update. But the Google Play keeps popping the update, so be careful not to do it, and also disable its automatic update.




Get me out of crown level


Be careful, practice made in the old system (golden tree) may not be reflected in the new crown system.

I was just a week away from finishing a course in the old system, when duolingo converted my account to the crown system on the web site. I continued on Android and finished it in the old system. Now, I have the nice full golden tree on Android, but no progress in the crowns on the web page.


That's right. You are one of the few who can repeat the same lesson if you want. Congrats!


Omg, thank you You encourage me to come back


I should not have looked at the new version. I don't like it. And I can't get back to the old one. Please fix it so that I can go back on my MacBook Air to the previous version.

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