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"Some are writing and others are reading."

Translation:Certains écrivent et d'autres lisent.

April 7, 2018



Pourquoi "d'autres" et pas "autres" ?


Could 'the others' be a form of quantity? I think you always use de for any form of quantity but we need an expert to verify this.


I searched for l'autre verses d'autres and found this helpful link https://french.kwiziq.com/revision/grammar/how-to-express-others-dautres-versus-des-autres-indefinite-adjectives if I understood it correctly you can't have autres (others) on its own. It is either d'autres or des autres (d'autres - of others or des autres - of the others)


is it wrong to say "certains ecrivent et certains d'autres lisent"?

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